Cavalier Academic Support Team

About CAST

The Cavalier Academic Support Team (CAST) is a comprehensive support program that provides individualized resources directed to the immediate and long-term needs of the student-athlete. CAST works with student-athletes, coaches, Deans, administrators, and instructors with the goal of ensuring that student-athletes have all the necessary resources to help them reach their academic potential and graduate from the University of Virginia. Each position within CAST plays a vital role to the success of student-athletes in the classroom and on the field of athletic competition. The CAST Staff includes Academic Coordinators, a Tutor Coordinator, a Learning Specialist, Tutors, and Study Hall Monitors.

Academic Coordinator

Academic Coordinators assist student-athletes in successfully transitioning from high school to college to reach their academic potential throughout their time at the University of Virginia. Academic Coordinators develop individualized academic plans utilizing feedback from the student-athletes, instructors, the Learning Specialist and tutors in order to provide the highest quality of support to student-athletes. Academic Coordinators work in conjunction with faculty advisors and the Dean of the Student-Athlete Association (STAT), Rachel Most, to promote consistent academic advising throughout a student-athlete’s academic career. Academic Coordinators also collaborate with the University Registrar and the Compliance Office to ensure that student-athletes meet all NCAA, ACC and U.Va. academic eligibility standards.

Learning Specialist

The Learning Specialist coordinates services for student-athletes with identified learning and attention disabilities through collaboration with the Student Disability Access Center (SDAC) on Grounds. Students who are experiencing academic difficulties may also meet with the Learning Specialist to discuss current academic strengths and weaknesses and schedule a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation, if necessary. The Learning Specialist assists student-athletes with disabilities in receiving and utilizing classroom accommodations and works closely with Academic Coordinators and the Tutor Coordinator to ensure these students receive all support necessary for academic success

Tutor Coordinator

The Tutor Coordinator hires, trains and evaluates all tutors and Study Hall Monitors and schedules tutor sessions based upon requests made by the Academic Coordinators on behalf of the student-athletes. The Tutor Coordinator works closely with Academic Coordinators during tutor training and evaluation and communicates frequently with departments on Grounds to recruit qualified tutors.


Tutors provide supplemental instruction to student-athletes with the goal of helping them better understand content in specific courses. Tutors are responsible for understanding course material and conducting informative and engaging one-hour sessions, adhering to the U.Va Honor System, and communicating with the Tutor Coordinator, Academic Coordinators and Study Hall Monitors by providing reports for assigned sessions.

Study Hall Monitors

Study Hall Monitors manage our study hall spaces and tutors so that nightly processes run smoothly.

Computer Labs

Located in the McCue Academic Center, John Paul Jones Academic Center, and University Hall, our Computer Labs include up-to-date technology equipment that supports the learning needs of the student-athletes.

Interested on Joining CAST?

If you are interested in becoming a tutor or Study Hall Monitor please email, with a resume and a copy of an unofficial transcript. We hire CAST staff based on the student-athletes’ needs. Please note that the majority of our services occur Sunday – Thursday evenings from 5-10pm; if you are interested in applying please ensure you are available to work during these time periods.