Welcome to the Cavman’s Crew Kids Club.  We’re excited to have you join us for the year!

Since we can’t be together at events, we wanted to create some special activities for you to complete at home and stay connected to our amazing teams and student-athletes.

We are working on goal setting for the month of February!  Check out this video of Austin Katstra sharing how to create a SMART goal.  What do you want to achieve this month?  Send your goals to Cavman at cavmanscrew@virginia.edu and keep him posted on your progress!

National Book Month

October is National Book Month.  Reading books can be such a fun activity – you can discover new people and places, you can learn about new hobbies or it can just be a fun way to pass the time!  This month, Cavman’s challenge for you is to find some new books to read and have a chance to win some prizes too!

Below are the challenges based on grade levels:

Weekly Challenge
Each week, if you complete a row, submit a picture of your challenge sheet with your name and age to cavmanscrew@virginia.edu.  Everyone who submits the challenge sheet will receive a coupon for a free item courtesy of McDonald’s.  Cavman will also select a weekly winner for each age group for a Virginia Athletics prize.

Week 1 starts October 5.  Winners will be selected October 12.
Week 2 starts October 12.  Winners will be selected October 19.
Week 3 starts October 19.  Winners will be selected October 26.
Week 4 starts October 26.  Winners will be selected November 2.

Monthly Challenge
Hold on to your cards throughout the month and if you can get blackout, submit your card with your name and age to cavmanscrew@virginia.edu.  One (1) person from Pre-K – 1 and one (1) person from 2 – 5 will be randomly selected to win the grand prize courtesy of Virginia529*.

For our grade 6 – 8 readers, keep track of the total number of pages that you read in the month of October.  Submit your total with your name and age to cavmanscrew@virginia.edu.  The person with the highest page total at the end of the month will win a grand prize courtesy of Virginia529*.  Be sure to let us know what books you read too!

*As a sponsor of the monthly challenge, email addresses for entrants of the grand prize only will be shared with Virginia529.  When sending your entry for the grand prize, you may opt-out of sharing your information with Virginia529.  

Better Breakfast Month

September is National Better Breakfast Month.  Breakfast is the most important meal because it gives you strength and energy for the rest of the day.  Don’t just take Cavman’s word for it – click here for a message from men’s soccer.

Our student-athletes work with our nutrition department on eating healthy breakfasts each day.  Check out some of men’s soccer’s favorite breakfasts!

Here are some other great breakfast choices!

Try out some of these recipes!  Send a picture or video of your breakfast with your name and age to cavmanscrew@virginia.edu.  You may see your photos and images on CavmansCrew.com and a few Hoo chefs will be randomly selected to win prizes from Cavman.