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Football Game Day Shelter Information

Severe Weather Shelter Indicator

The University of Virginia prides itself on providing an exciting and entertaining atmosphere for fans at Scott Stadium. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of those in attendance, from fans to student-athletes and employees.

A key part of this commitment involves closely and constantly monitoring the weather for potentially dangerous conditions. UVA employs a series of checks on weather conditions, including the use of sophisticated radar and tracking services to gauge the severity and track of storms.

Working with game officials, the University may decide to suspend a game, close and evacuate the stadium because of weather conditions. In these cases, fans initially are alerted via text alert, public announcements within Scott Stadium, local media, social media and other platforms that evacuation may be possible.

If evacuation is mandated, fans should exit the stadium and seek shelter until receiving notice that the game will be resumed and the stadium is reopened. Shelter options include personal vehicles and designated University buildings in the stadium vicinity.

In the event of an evacuation of Scott Stadium, University buildings open to fans as temporary shelters will be indicated with orange and blue signs bearing a shelter logo and the word “SHELTER” (see sample signage on the side).

Severe Weather Shelter Locations

The following shelter locations are available for fans in case of severe weather. Click here for a map of the shelter locations.

Location Address
Aquatics and Fitness Center 405 Whitehead Road
Chemistry Building 409 McCormick Road
Clark Hall 291 McCormick Road
Clemons Library 164 McCormick Road
Mechanical Engineering Building 122 Engineer’s Way
Newcomb Hall 180 McCormick Road
Olsson Hall 151 Engineer’s Way
Rice Hall 85 Engineer’s Way
Slaughter Rec Center 505 Edgemont Road
Student Activities Building 800 Alderman Road
West Stadium Garage 1815 Stadium Road

Football Severe Weather Text Alerts

The Virginia athletics department is implementing a text message program that enables fans to receive text message alerts in the event of severe weather. To enroll in this program, please text HOOSFB to 226787. This text message system will only be used for emergency notifications. Standard text message rates for your individual plan apply. To cancel enrollment, text STOP to 226787.