Cav Futures
• An independent NIL entity (collective) that supports student-athletes at the University of Virginia by coordinating opportunities in which student-athletes can capitalize on their NIL.

Group Licensing
• Multiple student-athletes utilizing their NIL for commercial purposes.  For example, a group of student-athletes licensing their NIL to be used in video games or for fans to purchase jerseys.
• Brandr Group and One Team provide student-athletes opportunities to engage in group licensing activities.

Icon Source, Mogul, NOCAP, Opendorse and other resources are examples of marketplaces in which student-athletes can pursue various NIL opportunities.

• NIL partner with the University of Virginia that provides tailored NIL education and guidance for student-athletes.

• NIL partner with the University of Virginia that has a global marketplace with various NIL opportunities and education.

Other Opportunities
• Student-athletes can enter into NIL agreements with businesses, fans, friends, neighbors or anyone who wants to utilize their NIL.

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