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Oct. 3, 2000

Player Diary (September 30-October 1): Lorraine Vizzuso

Lorraine Vizzuso is a fourth year from Fairfield, N.J. She plays forward for the field hockey team, for which she is one of the top scorers. Nicknamed “Rain,” she is the daughter of Neli and Rocco Vizzuso. Her sister Michelle is a former UVA teammate and currently a member of the United States National Team. In addition to starring in field hockey, Lorraine is also a member of the National Honor Society and the Spanish Honor Society. Last weekend, she chronicled her thoughts in preparation for field hockey’s showdown against No. 1 Maryland.

Saturday, September 30…8:30 a.m.

I am just about to leave for the training room before our practice. I’m excited to have a good practice this morning to get us on the right track against Maryland. Unfortunately, Jess (Head Coach Jessica Wilk) will not be at practice this morning, but we will do everything we can to keep up the intensity and focus.

Saturday…1:00 pm

I just got back from practice and the training room. I swear, I spend more time in the training room then in my own house! Practice went well – we all seem pretty excited for tomorrow, but not too nervous or jittery. This game is a huge test for us. We played so well against William & Mary on Wednesday, we really need to ride that momentum into tomorrow’s game. Right now I have to get some work done…and then we have a team dinner this evening. It will be nice to have everyone together, we also have some recruits in town and the dinner will be a good place to get to know them. My parents, grandmother (and my dog) are all coming into town tonight. This is the first home game they have been able to attend this year so I’m excited to see them. It will be nice to spend some time with them tonight. They always travel so far and I get to see them so little, especially when we’re away so much.

Saturday…11:30 pm

Our team dinner was very nice and, of course, everyone ate so much! I then went to dinner with my parents and grandmother. It was really relaxing to get away from hockey for a few hours and enjoy some quality time with my family. They travel so far and so much…I’m glad to spend some time with them. I think my grandmother may be almost as excited as me about tomorrow’s game! I’m about to go to bed right now…well-fed, well-hydrated, and ready for tomorrow.


Sunday, October 1…9:55 am

Our entire team meets at Bodo’s (Bagels) for breakfast before home games. Everyone seems psyched and ready to go. Unfortunately, two of our key starters are battling injuries and we are not sure if they can play. We will all have to pick it up out on the field today.

Sunday…11:30 am

I’m leaving for the training room right now. I have a very good feeling about today. We are due to break out in a big game!


Sunday…6:30 pm

Well, we lost 5-0, and did not play as well as we could have. Maryland is ranked # 1, and deservedly so, but we could have played a lot better. We definitely gave 100% and worked for the entire 70 minutes, but we just couldn’t seem to string any offense together. A lot of the girls are upset and frustrated about today’s loss. We know we are better than that – we really need to pick it up. Thankfully, we get right back out on the field Wednesday night to regroup against VCU. We’re having our ups and downs right now but hopefully we can get a little winning streak going in our next four non-conference games before we jump back into ACC competition against Carolina in two weeks!

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