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Nov. 14, 2004

CHARLOTTESVILLE – The University of Virginia women’s rowing team placed first in the varsity four and quad competitions at the Rivanna Romp on Sunday (Nov. 14). The Cavaliers additionally placed second in both the varsity and novice eight events. The regatta, hosted by UVa at the Rivanna Reservoir, was the team’s final competition of the fall season.

The Ohio State University “A” boat won the varsity eight competition with a time of 13:42.7. The Virginia “A” crew placed second (13:52.2), followed by the Tennessee “A” boat in third (13:55.2), and the Duke “A” crew in fourth (14.12.1). The Virginia “B” boat slid into fifth place with a time of 14:23.8. UVa’s “C” crew placed eighth (14:44.3), and the Cavalier “D” boat was 16th (15:21.4). Nineteen boats competed in the event.

The novice eight competition was won by Duke’s “A” boat in 14:49.9. The Virginia “A” and “B” crews claimed second and third places, with times of 14:59.2 and 16:26.6, respectively. North Carolina University’s “A” boat came in fourth (16:30.7), trailed by the UVa “C” crew in fifth (16:53.6). Virginia’s novice “D” boat was sixth (16:54.9). A total of 13 boats participated in the race.

Virginia’s “A” boat won the quad competition in 15:15.8. The Miami “A” crew took second (15:31.0), and the Duke “A” boat placed third (15:59.2). The Duke “B” boat was fourth in the event (17:37.2). These four crews were the only participants in the event.

Virginia’s “A” boat won the varsity four competition with a time of 15:25.3. Ohio State’s “A” crew followed in second place (15:28.3), and the Tennessee “A” boat was third (15:40.8). The Virginia “B” squad placed fourth with a time of 15:48.1. The Tennessee “B” and “C” crews placed fifth and sixth with times of 15:56.6 and 15:59.4, respectively. The UVa “C” boat finished 12th (16:37.0), and the Cavalier “D” boat placed 15th (17:15.1). Sixteen boats competed in the varsity four event.

The doubles competition was won by the Duke “A” boat (16:32.3). Duke also claimed second place in the event (17:04.6), followed by the Miami “B” crew (17:41.6). The Miami “A” boat finished fourth (17:48.0). The Virginia “B,” “A,” and “C” crews rounded out the competition, finishing fifth (17:55.3), sixth (18:05.4), and seventh (18:33.7), respectively.

The final competition of the Rivanna Romp was the pairs event, which Duke’s “A” boat won in a time of 16:53.7. Ohio State’s “B” boat finished second (17:00.2), and Virginia’s “A” crew placed third (17:01.2). Duke’s “B” crew came in fourth (17:05.1), and Tennessee’s “C” crew was fifth (17:31.1). Sixteen boats competed in the pairs event.

The Rivanna Romp was the final event of the fall season for the Virginia women’s rowing team. The team will resume competition in the spring.

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