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April 16, 2005

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – The University of Virginia women’s rowing team dominated competition from Oregon State and Tennessee in their final home regatta of the spring season. Virginia won the second varsity eight, varsity four, and varsity eight events in the morning regatta against Oregon State. The Cavaliers were victorious in the second varsity four, varsity four, and second varsity eight races during the afternoon competition against Tennessee. The regatta was held on the Rivanna Reservoir on Saturday (April 16).

Rough wind made for tough rowing during the morning competition. Virginia’s second varsity eight “A” boat won that event in a time of 6:31.1. Oregon State followed in second with a time of 6:45.1, and the Virginia “B” crew placed third with a time of 6:49.6. In the afternoon races, Virginia’s second varsity eight “A” team defeated Tennessee in a time of 6:27.7. The Lady Vols crossed the finish line in 6:39.4. The UVa “A” boat was comprised of rowers Launa Forehand (coxswain), Beth Clark, Crystal MacLeod, Libby McCann, Kerry Maher, Heather Gardner, Sara Lippa, Katie Yrazabal, and Chrissie Monaghan in both competitions. The “B” crew was manned by Roma Kaundal (coxswain), Victoria Moore, Katrin Sydlik, Anna Samaha, Diane Leigh, Jen Furstenau, Sarah Blair, Lauren Fluhart, and Abby Lynch.

Oregon State defeated Virginia in the novice eight competition (6:48.4 to 6:59.5). The Cavalier’s boat consisted of Mary Eddy (coxswain), Lindsay Arnold, Shafer Bomstein, Lindsay Fletcher, Adrienne Egge, Laura Laycock, Kelsie Chaudoin, Kirsten Graslie, and Maria Micocci.

Virginia’s varsity four crew was successful in both the morning and afternoon competitions, defeating Oregon State in a time of 7:14.4 and Tennessee in a time of 7:37.5. The Beavers and the Lady Vols had times of 7:24.1 and 7:37.5, respectively. Against Oregon State, Virginia’s varsity four was powered by Caitlin Mixter (coxswain), Mindy Fiesler, Annemarie Pitts, Allison Brennan, and Kim Southern. In the afternoon competition against Tennessee, Michelle Ellison served as coxswain of the boat.

The Cavalier first varsity eight performed well in the morning, defeating Oregon State with a time of 6:19.7. OSU’s time was 6:27.3. In the afternoon event, however, UVa fell to Tennessee in a time of 6:25.7, just over four seconds slower than Tennessee’s time of 6:21.5. Virginia’s varsity eight entered the race ranked ninth nationally by the Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association/USRowing Poll. Tennessee claimed the 17th spot in the country, and Oregon State was ranked 20th. Catelyn Coyle, Ashley Jones, Margaret Matia, Andria Haneman, Mary Dobmeier, Carolyn McMillen, and Melanie Kok manned the Cavalier boat in both the morning and afternoon races.

The Virginia “A” and “B” varsity four boats were comprised of rowers from the morning’s third varsity eight crew. UVa’s “A” boat placed first in the event with a time of 7:13.2. Tennessee cruised to second in 7:27.3, and the UVa “B” boat landed in third place with a time of 7:34.6. The “A” boat was manned by Caitlin Mixter (coxswain), Victoria Moore, Katrin Sydlik, Anna Samaha, and Jen Furstenau. Roma Kaundal (coxswain), Abby Lynch, Dianne Leigh, Lauren Fluhart, and Sarah Blair powered the “B” boat.

The Cavaliers challenged Duke in a spontaneous second novice eight race during the morning regatta. The Blue Devils had traveled to Charlottesville to compete against Oregon State on Sunday (April 17). Virginia won the event in a time of 7:10.9. Duke’s time was 7:47.1.

Head coach Kevin Sauer was “very pleased with what happened in the morning and what happened this afternoon until the varsity eight race. We were behind in the beginning and we did not respond well. We did not row like we were capable of rowing.”

Virginia travels to Clemson, S.C. on April 23 to compete in the ACC Championships.


Morning:2V8: 1. UVa “A” (6:31.1), 2. OSU (6:45.1), 3. UVa “B” (6:49.6)N8: 1. OSU (6:48.4), 2. UVa (6:59.5)V4: 1. UVa (7:14.4), 2. OSU (7:24.1)V8: 1. UVa (6:19.7), 2. OSU (6:27.3)2N8: 1. UVa (7:10.9), 2. Duke (7:47.1)

Afternoon:2V4: 1. UVa “A” (7:13.2), 2. TN (7:27.3), 3. UVa “B” (7:34.6)V4: 1. UVa (7:13.6), 2. TN (7:37.5)V8: 1. TN (6:21.5), 2. UVa (6:25.7)2V8: 1. UVa (6:27.7), 2. TN (6:39.4)

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