Ex. Mike Smith instead of Michael Smith
Year - Tournament - Finish
Year - Tournament - Finish
Top individual and team accomplishments
If you have transferred from another institution please include the name of the school along with any other awards/honors/stats that may be relevant
(Big Brother/Big Sister, any volunteer work, church groups, athletic camps you worked, anything!) Please be specific because we won’t necessarily know what you’re talking about.
Ex. John - 13 years old (if none, type none)
Ex. Sally - 8 years old (if none, type none)
Please include relation to you (mother, uncle, brother, etc.)
Any interesting information about you that might be a “hook” for a news story about you. It can be other special talents you have like award winning musician, interesting occurrences in your life such as saving someone’s life, led a blood drive at school, anything! Feel free to include whatever you want.
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