The Virginia Strength and Conditioning staff takes great pride in providing year-round strength and conditioning programs to all of its student-athletes.

The purpose of the Strength and Conditioning unit is to provide a comprehensive, sport-specific training program for all student-athletes. Each program focuses on many different components: strength, energy systems development, flexibility, coordination, speed, agility, and power at the appropriate times in the yearly training cycle.

In order for the University of Virginia to compete at a championship level annually, the staff works steadfastly to develop programs that integrate both the nutrition and sports medicine staffs. This cohesive relationship between the staffs ensures that student-athletes have every opportunity to maximize their performance potential.

Training Methodologies

All strength and conditioning programs encompass multiple sets, ground-based, multi-joint, free weight exercises. Student-athletes who train in this manner have the best opportunity to develop the components of athleticism.

Nutrition Services
The sports nutrition program works closely with the strength coaches, athletics trainers, food service, coaches and the student-athletes to create an environment of “Education not Deprivation”. Helping student-athletes make the proper choices of foods for good health and optimal performance is the primary goal of Cavalier Sports Nutrition.

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Ed Nordenschild
Assoc. AD for Strength & Conditioning/Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for Olympic Sports
Sports: Baseball, Rowing, Diving

Peter Alston
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Sports: M&W Soccer, T&F Sprints, Cross Country

Steven Cuccia
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Sports: M&W Lacrosse, Wrestling, T&F Throws


Joshua Miller
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Sports: Field Hockey, M&W Swimming, Softball


Justin Russ
Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach
Sports: M&W Tennis, M&W Squash

Mike Curtis
Men’s Basketball Strength &  Conditioning Coach

Jeremy Golden
Women’s Basketball Strength &  Conditioning Coach

Shawn Griswold
Director of Football Development & Performance

Dwayne Chandler
Associate Football Development and Performance Coach

Nate Pototschnik
Assistant Football Development and Performance Coach

Cameron Prater
Assistant Football Development and Performance Coach