Hall of Fame Inductees

SportPlayerHallYear Inducted
BaseballEppa RixeyBaseball Hall of Fame1963
Virginia Sports Hall of Fame1972
Melvin RoachVirginia Sports Hall of Fame1988
Ryan ZimmermanVirginia Sports Hall of Fame2023
Brian O'ConnorABCA Hall of Fame2024
FootballJoe PalumboVirginia Sports Hall of Fame1973
Bill DudleyVirginia Sports Hall of Fame1974
Henry JordanVirginia Sports Hall of Fame1974
TrackHarrison FlippenVirginia Sports Hall of Fame1975
J.C. Herbert BryantVirginia Sports Hall of Fame1984
Men's BasketballRichard WilkinsonVirginia Sports Hall of Fame1975
Julius ConnVirginia Sports Hall of Fame1976
Ralph SampsonVirginia Sports Hall of Fame1996
National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame2011
Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame2012
Barry ParkhillVirginia Sports Hall of Fame2001
Terry HollandVirginia Sports Hall of Fame2003
Bryant StithVirginia Sports Hall of Fame2007
FootballBill DudleyCollege Football Hall of Fame1956
Professional Football Hall of Fame1966
Earle “Greasy” NealeCollege Football Hall of Fame1967
Professional Football Hall of Fame1969
Eugene MayerVirginia Sports Hall of Fame1980
James Gillette Jr.Virginia Sports Hall of Fame1983
Frank MurrayCollege Football Hall of Fame1983
J.C. Herbert BryantVirginia Sports Hall of Fame1984
William ThomasVirginia Sports Hall of Fame1985
William GoochVirginia Sports Hall of Fame1986
Thomas ScottVirginia Sports Hall of Fame1989
College Football Hall of Fame1979
Ulmo “Sonny” RandleVirginia Sports Hall of Fame1991
Henry JordanProfessional Football Hall of Fame1995
Joe PalumboCollege Football Hall of Fame1999
W.H. “Hank” NortonVirginia Sports Hall of Fame2006
George WelshCollege Football Hall of Fame2004
Virginia Sports Hall of Fame2009
Jim DombrowskiCollege Football Hall of Fame2008
Virginia Sports Hall of Fame2010
Herman MooreVirginia Sports Hall of Fame2010
Tiki BarberVirginia Sports Hall of Fame2011
CoSIDA Academic All-America Hall of Fame2014
James FerriorVirginia Sports Hall of Fame2016
Heath MillerVirginia Sports Hall of Fame2018
Billy BaberVirginia High School Hall of Fame2019
Anthony PoindexterCollege Football Hall of Fame2020
Virginia Sports Hall of Fame2022
Shawn MooreVirginia Sports Hall of Fame2023
Ronde BarberProfessional Football Hall of Fame2023
Chris LongVirginia Sports Hall of Fame2024
Men's LacrosseHowdy MyersNational Lacrosse Hall of Fame1971
Bill HooperNational Lacrosse Hall of Fame1976
Pete EldredgeNational Lacrosse Hall of Fame1990
Jay ConnorNational Lacrosse Hall of Fame1994
Jim PotterNational Lacrosse Hall of Fame1997
John DriscollNational Lacrosse Hall of Fame1998
Doyle Smith National Lacrosse Hall of Fame2000
Tom DuquetteNational Lacrosse Hall of Fame2001
Virginia Sports Hall of Fame2009
Roddy MarinoVirginia Sports Hall of Fame2002
Eugene CorriganVirginia Sports Hall of Fame2007
Dom StarsiaVirginia Sports Hall of Fame2008
IMLCA Hall of Fame2020
Michael WatsonVirginia Sports Hall of Fame2013
Jay JalbertVirginia Sports Hall of Fame2014
Doug KnightNational Lacrosse Hall of Fame2017
NILCA Hall of Fame2021
Doug TerringNILCA Hall of Fame2021
Kris SniderNational Lacrosse Hall of Fame2022
Men's SoccerMike FisherCoSIDA Academic All-America Hall of Fame1996
John HarkesNational Soccer Hall of Fame2005
Jeff AgoosNational Soccer Hall of Fame2011
Tony MeolaNational Soccer Hall of Fame2012
Claudio ReynaNational Soccer Hall of Fame2012
Virginia Sports Hall of Fame2017
Men's TennisC. Alphonso SmithVirginia Sports Hall of Fame1987
Harold Burrows Jr.Virginia Sports Hall of Fame1990
Somdev DevvarmanITA Men’s Hall of Fame2019
Women's BasketballDawn StaleyVirginia Sports Hall of Fame2008
Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame2012
Naismith Hall of Fame2013
Debbie RyanWomen’s Basketball Hall of Fame2008
Virginia Sports Hall of Fame2012
Val AckermanAcademic All-America Hall of Fame1999
Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame2011
CoSIDA Academic All-America Hall of Fame2011
Naismith Hall of Fame2021
Monica Wright RogersVirginia Sports Hall of Fame2024
Field HockeyMichele MadisonNFHCA Hall of Fame2013
Women's LacrosseJulie Williams MyersNational Hall of Fame2002
IWLCA Hall of Fame2024
Heather DowNational Hall of Fame2002
Jane MillerNational Hall of Fame2003
IWLCA Hall of Fame2019
Cherlie Greer BrownNational Hall of Fame2009
Virginia Sports Hall of Fame2015
US Lacrosse Hall of Fame2015
Bonnie RosenNational Hall of Fame2010
Robyn NyeUS Lacrosse Hall of Fame2017
Kara Ariza CookeNational Lacrosse Hall of Fame2019
Amy Appelt SladeNational Lacrosse Hall of Fame2020
RowingLindsay ShoopNational Rowing Hall of Fame2014
Kevin SauerPocock/CRCA Hall of Fame2017
Women's SoccerAngela HuclesVirginia Sports Hall of Fame2015
SIDRich MurrayVirginia Sports Hall of Fame2016
Athletic DirectorCraig LittlepaigeNACDA Hall of Fame2021
Virginia Sports Hall of Fame2024