Heat Management Plan Activated for JMU Football Game

With the temperatures expected to be in the 80s for Virginia’s home football game versus James Madison at Scott Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 9 at 2 noon, UVA has activated its heat management-operating plan.

The plan calls for an increase in Special Event Medical Management (SEMM) equipment and personnel at the game, Water Monster drinking water stations, cooling fans available in the stadium and an increase in the cold bottled drink inventory (including water) at concession stands.

Two HVAC equipped cooling tents will be located on the east and west outer concourses and misting fans will be available on both sides of the stadium. The Water Monster drinking water stations will be located at the northeast concourse by the student section and at the west outer concourse near the Pergola.Individuals attending the game are encouraged to be mindful of the heat and take precautions like staying properly hydrated by drinking plenty of water, finding shade if necessary and utilizing the services and medical facilities provided at the stadium to deal with the heat.