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Aug. 1, 2002

Cavalier Sports Marketing is pleased to announce Cav Man will return to ‘Hoo Vision for the 2002 season. The popular animated character will once again ride from his home at Monticello to the Lawn. Following an exciting encounter with the opposing team’s mascot, Cav Man will ride to the Carl Smith Center and lead the Cavaliers onto the field.

The Virginia Lottery, a founding member of the Team Virginia corporate sponsorship program, is pleased to present the team entrance videos again this season. Cav Man is a creation of Erik Elvgren, who animates every scene. Hoo Vision producer Todd Goodale edits the scenes together to form the final product.

Elvgren and Goodale began planning this season’s creations in January. New scenes were shot beginning in April and lasting throughout the summer. In addition to a different encounter with each opponent’s mascot, this season’s videos will feature a new opening sequence at Monticello and several new scenes as Cav Man rides to Grounds. Elvgren and Goodale also hinted that several new characters will be introduced throughout the season.

Each team entrance video begins approximately six minutes prior to kickoff.

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