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Freshman Robby Andrews was one of the nation’s top recruits coming out of high school. He holds two national high school records (the indoor 800m and 1000m), was a state champion in multiple events and was the first-ever high school athlete to break 1:50 in the 800m. The champion of the high school mile last year at the Millrose Games, Andrews headed back to Madison Square Garden this past weekend and anchored the Cavaliers’ 4x800m relay team to victory at this year’s Millrose Games.

The Cavaliers will take this weekend off before heading back to New York City to compete at the Armory on Saturday, Feb. 13.

Question: What is the atmosphere at such a prestigious event – such as the Millrose Games – like?
Andrews: The atmosphere is exciting yet stressful at the same time. There are so many exceptional athletes that you want to meet, but you also need to stay focused so that you don’t embarrass yourself.

Question: What is it like to win an event at such meets?
Andrews: Winning at such an event allows me to appreciate winning at all levels; never take a victory for granted, they are all hard earned.

Question: Have you been able to meet any noteworthy athletes who were also competing in these events?
Andrews: At the past two Millrose Games, I got a chance to meet and take a picture with Bernard Lagat. He is a multiple world champion, so that was a great honor to be able to meet him. At the past Penn Relays, I met the former world record holder in the mile, Jim Ryan.

Question: What has been your favorite or most memorable meet to compete in?
Andrews: The Millrose Games because it is in Madison Square Garden.

Question: Through the majority of your competitions, you rely on your kick to put races away. Is that a gift or is it something you’ve had to train for?
Andrews: It is a little bit of both. Coach Vigilante is taking the gift that genes have given me and strengthening it to be more potent.

Question: Looking at your list of individual accomplishments, is there one that stands out among the others?
Andrews: The indoor 1000m national record because that was my one goal going into my senior year.

Question: Your honors span a variety of events as well. Is there an event or season you like best?
Andrews: I like cross country the most because it gives everyone a chance to train for the same event. It shows who truly is the best.

Question: What about things you’ve yet to accomplish – is there a record or a title that you have your eye set on?
Andrews: I have several personal goals, but I would also like to help run some fast 4x800s and DMRs.

Question: Throughout high school, a rival of yours was Brett Johnson – who is now your teammate. How did you become friends and then both end up at Virginia?
Andrews: Brett and I met at the end of my junior year at the state meet. After getting to know him a little better we had a lot of things in common, including wanting to be a part of a great collegiate team. We took our visit together and after that both realized what a great program Virginia has and is working towards. Now we are roommates and look forward to winning a few titles during our time here.

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