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Question: What team were you on?
Trebels: ORANGE

Question: What dish did you prepare?
Trebels: I floated around the kitchen helping with a bunch of stuff–chili, kabobs

Question: Why did you choose to prepare that?
Trebels: Jess chose to do chili

Question: What did you have to shop for as you were thinking of preparing for that meal?
Trebels: Shrimp, beans, onions, rice, tomatoes, picante sauce, peppers, pineapple…

Question: What role did the nutritionist play?
Trebels: He told us the rules we had to follow.

Question: Who were the judges?
Trebels: Randy the new nutritionist, the vice mayor of Charlottesville and Jenny, our new coach

Question: If you had to do it all over again, what would you change?
Trebels: Do the rice earlier

Question: How was it different from years past?
Trebels: Way less hectic, I was on a low stress, laid back team so we all got along as opposed to years past when emotions run high because people go crazyyyyyyyyyy!

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