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Virginia vs. Boston College
March 24, 2011
Postgame Quotes

Virginia Head Coach Debbie Ryan
Opening statement:

It was a great start. My players really prepared well for this game, and my staff did a tremendous job of getting the scouting report to them and helping them understand things. Boston College is so big and strong inside. We really worked on pressuring their guards a lot better than we did in the last game. We played things a lot better than last game. We were able to take advantage of our defense on the offensive end, and that helped a lot.

On playing defense in the low post
We have to sag our defense down low, and our weak-side defense was better than it was last time. It hurt us once or twice, but not as much as it would have hurt if they were able to go inside the whole night.

On extending the season
I am very excited for the team, and it means everything to me. They know how much this means to me, and I want to stay with them. They are my girls, and they have been great throughout the whole tournament.

On fan support
It is so heartfelt. The spirit of this program is the fan support. They have stuck with us through thick and thin. I am really proud to be a part of [the Virginia program].

Virginia Junior Guard Ariana Moorer
On changing her approach to the game

I came out and did not shoot well. I shot a couple of air balls. I had to calm down and let the game come to me. I think I did that, and it helped me calm down and get my confidence.

On Coach Ryan
We are playing for her right now. We want her here as long as possible.

Virginia Sophomore Guard China Crosby
On Coach Ryan

She is legendary. She has taught us so much and has brought so much to this program. It means a lot to us to know she is coaching us for at least one more game, and we go out and play with our hearts and souls.

On matching up against Boston College point guard
I know that as a small guard I have to defend. I go for the steals, and look to see if I am getting in the other point guard’s head. I got some steals tonight, and I take pride in playing defense. My knee is getting better, and I am getting more confidence in my defensive play.

Boston College Head Coach Sylvia Crawley
Opening Statement

This was by far one of our worst shooting percentages of the year. We just weren’t able to knock down shots tonight. I give a lot of credit to Virginia. They came out and fought hard. This was a battle tonight. It went back and forth, and they never relaxed-not for one sec. At halftime, I challenged our players to take care of the ball and box out and keep them off the boards. Those were the two things that were really hurting us. Sometimes you’re going to have a bad shooting night, so I encouraged our guards to attack the basket and drive in there. It was just one of those nights unfortunately.

On foul trouble
I thought the foul trouble hurt us. Our bigs got us in foul trouble, and it was tough for them to move inside. I thought Virginia attacked our post. For us to have a chance, we need to have our post players in the game. I thought we battled hard to the end. I told the team in the locker room that I was proud they did not quit. I thought it was good for women’s basketball. We had a great crowd here tonight, and I think they got their money’s worth. They enjoyed watching a good women’s basketball game.

On whether Virginia was fueled by Coach Ryan’s impending retirement
I’m not sure. I haven’t been here, and I don’t know really what’s going on. I’m sure there’s a lot of emotion going on here. We talked about that as a team. I think they’re playing well right now.

On Debbie Ryan’s legacy
I think she’s done a lot here-a lot that she can be proud of. The facilities here are great. I know she fought a lot of battles for women’s basketball. Even in our meetings when we voted, she didn’t just vote for what was best for the ACC teams. She looked at it as a whole for women’s basketball-what will grow this sport. I always felt that passion for her. She was genuinely interested in the sport of women’s basketball; she’s been adamant about that. I think she’s leaving a great legacy here. She can walk away just feeling proud of what she fought for and what she helped to do. I think to do what she’s done and win the amount of games that she’s won over her career-a young coach like me can only aspire to that. I wish her well.

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