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Makenzy Doniak

The Wahoo Central Chat Room with Makenzy Doniak

Virginia women’s soccer forward Makenzy Doniak will chat live Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 11:30 a.m.

The No. 4 Cavaliers host a pair of ACC games this week at Klöckner Stadium. Virginia plays Boston College Thursday at 7 p.m., and NC State Sunday at 2 p.m.

Submit your questions now. Questions will not appear until the chat starts. Remember the players cannot answer questions regarding the recruitment of prospective student-athletes.

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team-logo-va.gif spacer.gif Wahoo Central Moderator: Welcome to the Wahoo Central chat with Makenzy Doniak. We are about to start, so keep sending in your questions.
Agnieszka Kowalska (Poland): Why number 9? Is there any special meaning behind it?
10409818.jpeg spacer.gif Makenzy Doniak: It was a number that was open when I came here. It happened to be one of my favorite numbers. Now it has become a very significant. I even wore it at the U-20 World Cup.
Kara (Richmond): What moment with the Virginia women’s soccer team are you most proud of?
10409818.jpeg spacer.gif Makenzy Doniak: Last season, playing against FSU, when we beat them 1-0 in overtime. It was a hard fought game and to get the victory and clinch the ACC regular season championship made it really memorable.
John: Since you’ve spent a fair amount of time in the Charlotte airport recently, where’s the best place to hang out in CLT? And more seriously, how does your mindset change when playing on the road?
10409818.jpeg spacer.gif Makenzy Doniak: You need to go to Jamba Juice. Everyone on our team went there while we were in the airport last week. More seriously, we have to be more focused on the road because you have more down time being in the hotel, etc. You have to stay disciplined and motivated.
Charlittesville: how long have you been playing soccer and how many shots have you gotten in all of your whole life in soccer?
10409818.jpeg spacer.gif Makenzy Doniak: I have been playing soccer since I was about 6 years ago. I have no idea what a good number would be for total shots. Definitely too many to count.
Loom (Chino Hills): What’s a major difference between living in California and Virginia?
10409818.jpeg spacer.gif Makenzy Doniak: Obviously the weather is pretty different. Also, the culture is different. California is more laid back. I have enjoyed making the transition and both places feel like home.
Charlotte- Richmond: Besides unbelievable talent, what other things make this team so special?
10409818.jpeg spacer.gif Makenzy Doniak: Every player is All-In. By that, I mean we are committed to one another and giving our best effort when we step on the field, whether that is in practice or games. We trust in each other.
KD (New York): What is your favorite movie? And why? 🙂
10409818.jpeg spacer.gif Makenzy Doniak: My favorite movie is Crazy Stupid Love, because it is a romantic comedy and who doesn’t love Ryan Gosling.
Kelly (Charlottesville): What did you learn from playing with the U-20s this summer?
10409818.jpeg spacer.gif Makenzy Doniak: I learned to be accountable as a player, meaning doing all the things that I can control to better my performance. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I learned a lot about myself. It is always an honor to play for the U.S., especially on that big of a stage. It is something I will never forget.
Tina (Charlottesville): Who is the funniest teammate?
10409818.jpeg spacer.gif Makenzy Doniak: As it pains me to say, Emily Sonnett and Morgan Stearns make a great tag-team.
Lindy: What was the biggest adjustment going from club to college?
10409818.jpeg spacer.gif Makenzy Doniak: The atmosphere is completely different because soccer becomes responsibility. You go to school and you go to soccer and becomes a way of life. The level of play increases in college and I am challenged more at this level.
JC, New York: What is your favorite part about playing at Klockner and do any special moments stick out?
10409818.jpeg spacer.gif Makenzy Doniak: i LOVE Klockner. It one of the best, if not the best, atmospheres I have ever played in. Between the fans, the stadium, the great condition of the field, it is a great home field. The Notre Dame game last season was a great moment. Winning in overtime in the pouring rain was a great memory.
Lindsay (Charlottesville): If you could have one superhero power what would it be?
10409818.jpeg spacer.gif Makenzy Doniak: It would be to transport, so I could go to California and see my family whenever I want. I could also go to the beach!
Your #1 fan California: What do you miss most about California and like best about Virginia?
10409818.jpeg spacer.gif Makenzy Doniak: I miss the great weather of California and the beach. I like the city of Charlottesville and the people I have met since I have been here.
Ben: How has the team adjusted this season to having so many new players?
10409818.jpeg spacer.gif Makenzy Doniak: We have adjusted very well. Last year’s team was very special and losing that many girls was hard. These new girls have made a great impact on the team so far. Our potential is very high this season as we continue to grow as a team.
Lisa, Vermont: Are you ever nervous before a game? What are you able to do to get rid of the butterflies?
10409818.jpeg spacer.gif Makenzy Doniak: I don’t really get nervous, I get excited and ready to rise the challenge. I make sure I am prepared mentally and physically so I can perform to best of my ability.
Kelly (Charlottesville): What did you focus on during the off-season to prepare for the 2014 season?
10409818.jpeg spacer.gif Makenzy Doniak: I focused on the little things that can make a big difference. Specifically my technical skills on the ball and movement off the ball. I was with the U-20s a lot and that time helped develop those aspects and my knowledge of the game.
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Wahoo Central Moderator: Thanks everyone for participating in the chat. Makenzy has to head back to class. She and the Cavaliers have two home games this week, Thursday vs. Boston College at 7pm and Sunday vs. NC State at 2 pm.

Our next Wahoo Central chat is tomorrow at noon with field hockey players Kelsey LeBlanc and Jess Orrett.

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