Tuesday, August 21, 2018

I’ve Got a Crush on Hoo



#UVAFB running backs coach Mark Atuaia was in Philadelphia this last weekend attending a concert at the Wells Fargo. While an assistant coach attending a show is not normally a blog-worthy experience, this one certainly was. The show was the 15th Anniversary Freestyle Explosion, a show featuring the “biggest names in freestyle music”, including Taylor Dayne, Expose, Stevie B. and Lisa Lisa. The show also included The Jets, a mainstay of the 80’s pop charts that was comprised of the Wolfgramm siblings. Elizabeth Wolfgramm, who was only 11 when she joined the band as their lead vocalist, is now known as Elizabeth Atuaia. She and Mark, who have been married since the mid-90’s, have six children. The kids got something of a family history lessen at the show. Click here to listen to Mrs. Atuaia belt out an 80’s classic.