You are in your fourth year at Virginia now, do you feel like the time has flown by?
“I would definitely say this whole experience being here at UVA has went by very fast. Starting in my first year, I was just taking a back seat and trying to get the whole college feel under wraps. Once I did that, I feel like my time here has really flown by, especially seasons. Even though we have a long basketball season, I feel like preseason is the longest time. Once we actually start playing the season just goes by very fast.”
What has the experience been like so far in your fourth year?
“I’m really enjoying my fourth year playing specifically because in the past, when I first got here, I was injured. After that, I feel like now all my hard work is paying off with the process of getting back onto the court and putting in all the extra work to get back on the court and play.”
The team just returned from a trip to Orlando, do you enjoy those tournament trips?
“I like tournaments more than just normal away games because you get more time to just bond. We also have more days to prep for games, even though they are back-to-back, I feel like we still have more time. It’s just a tight-knit experience with everyone being together and a good opportunity to bond.”
What do you miss most about your hometown?
“I would have to say my mom’s home cooked meals. Definitely the meals, but also  being with my friends and the normal day-to-day stuff.”
What’s your favorite dish your mom makes?
“I like sausage and cabbage. I don’t really eat meat much anymore, but that is my favorite dish of hers.”
What sport would you play other than basketball?
“I played volleyball. I was a setter I really like volleyball. It was a tough decision between the two but I definitely liked basketball more.”
What’s the best trip you’ve taken?
“I’d have to say the best trip I’ve taken was with the team last year when we went to Costa Rica. It was really fun, we played a couple games, got to explore everything Costa Rica, got to see the world’s largest crocodiles and went to a couple of orphanages over there. It was just a really cool experience and it was beautiful there.”
What are you planning to do after this year?
“I’m majoring in anthropology but I’m probably going to grad school for business and marketing.”
Who are you especially close with on the team and what connected you?
“I would have to say Moné because we came in together and I feel like since the jump we were going to games together before we even came to school together. Ever since then we’ve bonded, our personalities click, she’s really funny and she’s always just there as a really good friend I can lean on.”