In today’s edition of Hoos Life, softball senior Erika Osherow shares what is on her bucket list. Check out what’s on her list and why below!

Travel to Greece, Madagascar and Australia
My dream has always been to go to these three countries. I want to surf in Australia, explore and swim in Greece, and get lost in the jungles of Madagascar. Surprisingly I have this weird love for lemurs…maybe from the movie Madagascar itself. :p
Ski the Alps
I love to ski and always used to go to Vermont and Utah when I was little. Some of my favorite memories with my dad and brother are on the black diamond slopes so I’d love to finally ski some fresh powder and bowls.
It seems super basic but yes, I would love to do this.
Row in a double with UVA Alum Megan O’Leary
UVA softball alumni and Olympic medalist in rowing. She is one of my role models in her work ethic, passion, authenticity and athleticism. I would love to row with her! Shout out to UVA women’s rowing!
Play in an LPGA tournament
My dream job has always been to play in the LPGA. I love golf believe it or not. People think I’m crazy but yeah.
Learn to play the guitar
If I could have a jam session and play any song on the acoustic guitar…
Run a marathon
I love to run. Studying exercise physiology and kinesiology has made me want to develop my own training regimen to take on 26.2 miles. Many of the professors I’ve had in Curry have participated in marathons, if not challenged their physical limits, and they have inspired me to do the same.
Fall in love with the simple art of becoming
I honestly can say I love life and I always want to continue enjoying the journey of it. Wherever that may take me…good, bad, ugly, amazing, invigorating …all of it.
Become a sports psychologist
This is my ultimate career goal as of now. I think the mind and body dynamic is incredible and I’d love to continue to help athletes understand and master optimal performance and flow. I love to read any sports psychology books and have really appreciated all the work, programming, and resources Jason and Karen provide to the student athlete community here.
Give back and thank every person who has helped me
People say in order to find happiness, find gratitude. I believe that you don’t just need to find it… you can live it.
Do a random act of kindness every day for a year
“In a world where you can be anything, be kind”

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