Monday, April 8, 2019

Behind the Scenes


When we first launched the blog lo those many years ago, one of our goals was to use this space to highlight stories and profiles of people who work behind the scenes, in addition to our athletes and alums. Today, we have two great stories from the Final Four that don’t involve members of the team. First up, check out this wonderful profile on on two people whose work you know well but do a great job of hiding behind the scenes, or, more specifically, behind the camera. Check out this profile on Mike Szlamowicz and Ryan Mahanes from the UVA video services department.


Next, shares the story of former UVA basketball player Dirk Katstra. He is the executive director of the Virginia Athletics Foundation and a senior associate athletics director. He is also the very proud father of #UVAMBB sophomore Austin Katstra. Check out the story here.



This story also goes along that previous theme. Everyone knows the influence that Dick Bennett has had on his son’s career, but do you know the story of Tony Bennett’s oldest sister, Kathi? David Teel of the Daily Press shares this fabulous profile on the influence of Tony’s big sister.



Here is one of our favorite shots of the week, taken during the demolition of Onesty Hall.