Your Name: Anna Redding
Your Nickname: AB
My dream foursome: Playing with Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam and Jack Nicklaus. Playing either Augusta National or Kingsbarns in Europe.
My favorite club: Either 8 iron or driver. I can rely on my 8 iron and I know I’ll hit it well or my driver because I love to tee the ball up and just freaking swing at it.
My favorite course: Either Pinehurst #2, because I have always played well there for the North South and there is so much golf history surrounding Pinehurst, or Kingsbarns in Europe because it is beautiful and fun to play a links course!
Favorite snack during a round: Either gluten-free Pretzels or a specific kind of animal crackers or applesauce. I like to eat food.
Favorite warm-up artist/song: I’ll listen to country music just because that is my favorite genre. I will listen to Carrie Underwood’s song The Champion just to hype myself up!
Who introduced me to the game: My dad first introduced me to the game when I was really young, when he would bring me out to the course with him. But my interest came when my Nana put me in a golf camp when I went down to visit one summer and I really enjoyed that experience. I came home and told my parents I wanted to play so we bought a set of clubs at DICK’S Sporting Goods I believe and off I went.
Best golf advice I’ve received: The best piece of advice I have ever received was to only worry about what I can control and not stress over the things that I can’t control. It allows me to live in the present.
How I mark my ball: I mark by ball with a V over the second “i” in Titleist. It used to be a dot over the “I” like the tradition of Script Ohio – but changed it to a V when I committed to UVA – I was raised a Buckeye and I couldn’t completely get rid of that tradition. Then I add a stencil of a line, and half circle, to help me with my line and clubface when I address the ball.
Story behind my ball marker: It varies. I have like 6 of them and I just have one on each hat basically so whichever one is on my hat is the one I use that day.
My golf course superstition: I usually change golf balls every 9 holes just to get a fresh ball. If I make two bogeys in a row I might change the golf ball. My hair is always in a bun and a bow in my hair when I compete, which isn’t really a superstition/good luck charm but you won’t see me without it.
If I could play another sport at UVA it would be: Volleyball – I played in middle school but had to stop in high school. I have always enjoyed the comradery around playing and wish I could’ve played another season or two!.