Friday, October 4, 2019

Riding Along


On Thursday, #UVAFB wide receiver Terrell Jana rode along with members of the Albemarle County Police Department as part of his class on the current state of police-community relations. Jana said that it was “a great learning experience.”


The Commish


We are always up for a good “Catch Up With Val Ackerman” story, and there are a lot of them, as the former #UVAWBB standout and current Big East commissioner is often in the news (and/or receiving another award), but this was a #MustBlog because, well, they had us at big, fluffy dog. Check out the podcast here, or just keep dwelling on the big fluffy dog (above).



Former @UVAFootball player Rodney McLeod spent four seasons in Charlottesville (2008-11) and currently is a member of the @Eagles (helping bring a Super Bowl Championship to Philadelphia two seasons ago). After missing most of 2018 with an injury, he is cherishing each moment. Read this deep dive from the Philadelphia Eagles on Rodney and his life journey.