November 14, 2019


Batten School dean Ian H. Solomon has started a new web series called “Wednesday Walks” where he chats with various students. This week, it is @UVAFootball wide receiver Terrell Jana’s turn to stroll and chat with the dean. Watch the video here.

Two Wahoos. Two World Champs

When you get done watching the Terrell Jana video, pop over to Chris Long’s YouTube Channel and check out his exclusive Hoo-on-Hoo interview with Sean Dollittle as they talk their experiences in the World Series and the Super Bowl, locker room celebrations, and one of the funnier unwritten rules of baseball. As Long teases it, “Two Wahoos. Two World Champs”, and he adds the obvious “Sean Doolittle is awesome!!” Watch it here.


And if that isn’t enough @whatwouldDOOdo for you, check out this FANTASTIC piece from NBC Sports on why Doolittle changed his jersey number to 63 this season. Prepare to have your heartstrings tugged as you watch it here.