Virginia Bossi
First-year women’s golfer Virginia Bossi was leading the Cavaliers in stroke average this season when the remainder of the Hoos’ spring season was canceled due to COVID-19. When the University canceled in-person classes, Bossi made the decision to return to Italy to shelter with her family in Como, Italy, which is located in the northern region of the country.
Q: You made the decision to return to your family in Italy. That had to be a difficult decision.
Bossi: It was hard to decide to go back home because I knew how risky traveling would have been and how bad it was at home. I decided to go back anyways because I was more afraid of being stuck in the US for the whole summer and not being able to go back home until winter break, since things started getting worse in the U.S. too. I was sad to leave UVA that early, but I was happy to be thinking that once I’ll come back there, everything was over. 
Q: What were your impressions of the conditions when you arrived in Italy?
Bossi: It was kind of scary to walk around the airport in Rome. It was empty and the few people there were wearing a masks and gloves. No one would talk, everyone looked scared. Police officers were screaming to respect the two meters rule between people. It looked like an apocalypse movie.
Q: Based on your time back in Italy, what would you recommend to anyone in the U.S.?
Bossi: To take this thing real, don’t underestimate it. Start helping each other by spending as much time at home as possible.  It’s not just a flu. A lot of people are dying from corona virus, and young people are not immune at all. 
Q: Describe where you were when you learned the season was canceled and your reaction.
Bossi: It was in my dorm with some friends. I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t look real, so I called one of my teammates because I was shocked. I felt confused and kind of lost. We practice the whole year for that part of the season and it was taken away from us.
Q: What is it like to take your remote classes?
Bossi: It’s weird not having to walk and sit in classes anymore. I’m not a fan of online classes but I’m glad they decided to adopt this method to prevent the spread of the virus. It made me realize how lucky I am to be able to go to class at such a beautiful and prestigious school so I can’t wait to be back in the fall!
Q: How do you keep yourself motivated?
Bossi: I write down five goals for the week that can be sport related, school related or just life related. I’ve been doing this with my sport psychologist so she would keep me accountable. I want to be ready to get back in season and go back to school as soon as this pandemic is over!
Q: How are you staying in touch with your teammates?
Bossi: The time change doesn’t make it easy to stay in touch with the team but we usually text on our group chat or FaceTime a few times a week. I have classes with some of them so that makes it even more fun to have class on Zoom!
Q: What are you doing with your spare time?
Bossi: I would probably be making some dessert with my sister. We are really close and we both love cooking. 
Q: You had a great start to your college career. How do you feel your first season of college golf was going when the season was canceled?
Bossi: It was going pretty well both individually and as a team. I made it to the lineup for every tournament until then and we just won in Mexico. I was excited for the end of the season. I think we would have done great at the ACC (Championships) with the new match play format. 
Q: What do you enjoy most about playing at UVA?
Bossi: I just simply love everything about UVA. I love my teammates, the coaches, the facility. I love how I feel at home even when I’m so far away from home. Everyone truly cares about you and there was never a time when I felt alone. 
Q: What do you enjoy the most about the overall college experience?
Bossi: Probably the time spent with my teammates, on and off the course. It doesn’t matter where we are, from the course to the classroom, we would always find a way to have fun.
Q: Besides your teammates and friends, what is something you miss about UVA or Charlottesville?
Bossi: I miss my schedule there. I miss walking to class by the Rotunda and go to practice at Birdwood. I also miss dinner at JPJ
Q: How do you work on your golf game considering the limitations in Italy?
Bossi: I’ve been putting and chipping around the house. My mom was not too happy about it, so I just ordered a hitting net. I’m low key excited to have my own “facility” in my backyard soon.
Q: Everyone misses their mom’s cooking. What was the first thing she made for you when you got home?
Bossi: She made me my favorite kind of pasta: penne with tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes and mozzarella.
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