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Tuesday, May 12, 2020




Yesterday in the blog, we told you about the Facebook Live Watch Party for game three of the 2015 College World Series. If you forgot, or just missed it, or had better things to do at 8 pm on a Monday, no worries. You can pop over to Facebook right now and check it out the Hoos Hoo of the stars of that championship run chatting about the game.

In other #HoosWithTrophies news, this week all of the UVA sports social media accounts will be announcing the recipients of this year’s Hoos Choice awards. Normally, the gala takes place at JPJ on the first reading day before the start of finals. This year, however, we will be awarding the honors virtually. Every day, another set of awards will be going out. You definitely want to check out Friday, which is the day that the IMP Award (female athlete of the year) and the WINA Award (male athlete of the year) will be announced. There also will be a MUST SEE video coming out at 3pm. Trust us. You are going to want to check that out.