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Thursday, August 13, 2020


“They were protests led in the name of hatred, racism, oppression, and that’s harmful. That’s hurtful to a lot of people, and that’s not what the City of Charlottesville stands for, it’s definitely not what the University of Virginia stands for and the Groundskeepers here at UVA, we just want to show that.” – Charles Snowden.

The @UVAFootball team, or as they are also calling themselves the #GroundsKeepers, wanted to change the narrative created by hate groups three years ago, so they have created a movement and a platform to share their thoughts and feelings. Check out this article from the Daily Progress that does a deeper dive into the initiative.

Terrell Jana spoke directly about the initiative, posting it on his social media accounts.


@UVASoftball coach Joanna Hardin was one of the many other members of the UVA community to join the team.