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Thursday, March 11, 2021


A little Sam Hauser feature for you to read over before today’s noon tip at the ACC Tourney. UVA Today takes a look at Hauser as a STUDENT-athlete, and how he is working on a research team that is examining the history of African American athletic participation at UVA. Read the fulls story here.

SI Shout Out

We’ve covered @UVAWomensHoops alumna Jocelyn Willoughby’s virtual book club several times on the blog. Seems Sports Illustrated has also now discovered this amazing project and is giving it its due. Check out their piece here.

The Groundskeepers

On Monday, we told you about the grant that @UVAFootball received to build on its Groundskeepers initiative. Terrell Jana and Nick Grant spoke to NBC29 this week about what that grant means to them.