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Lannigan Field A - Z


No alcohol will be sold at Lannigan Field events.

Outside alcoholic beverages or containers of any kind are not permitted to enter athletics facilities. Intoxicated guests or persons identified with alcohol brought from outside the venue will be subject to removal from the facility.


Animals are prohibited in the facility, with the exception of service animals assisting guests with special needs.

Banners, Signs and Flags

Banners, signs, and flags are allowed in athletics facilities provided they do not impede another guest’s view of the competition, cover any facility signage, and/or are not attached to the facility. Banners, signs, and flags on poles or sticks are prohibited. Athletics Event Management reserves the right to remove any banner, sign, or flag that is in violation of the policy.


Cameras with lenses less than six inches are allowed. Flash photography and stands/tripods of any type are prohibited.

Field/Court Access

In accordance with Atlantic Coast Conference and University of Virginia policies, guests are prohibited from coming onto the field or court at any time. Only participants, coaches, officials, and authorized personnel shall be allowed in the competition area before, during, and at the conclusion of the competition. This policy is for the safety of our guests, the officials, student-athletes and coaches.

First Aid

If you need medical assistance, please notify the nearest RMC staff member.


Lawn Chairs

Lawn chairs are allowed to be used in the grass space around the track at Lannigan Field.

Lost and Found

For any situation regarding lost and found items during an event, please consult the nearest RMC staff member. Following each event, items will be taken to the Facilities & Operations Office located at 2033 Ivy Road. Contact telephone number is 434-982-5022. Contact email address is


Public restrooms are available for spectators on the North end of Lannigan Field.

Shelter Locations

The University of Virginia closely and constantly monitoring the weather for potentially dangerous conditions. UVA employs a series of checks on weather conditions, including the use of sophisticated radar and tracking services to gauge the severity and track of storms.

Working with game officials, the University may decide to suspend a game, close and evacuate the facility because of weather conditions. If evacuation is mandated, fans will be notified via public address announcements and social media.

Fans should exit the facility and seek shelter in their personal vehicles until receiving notice that the event will be resumed, and the facility is reopened. Any patrons without a personal vehicle at the event should notify event staff who will make the appropriate accommodations.


The University of Virginia prohibits smoking and vaping in all facilities on Grounds, including athletics facilities.

Solicitation & Distribution

Direct advertising, sales, and solicitation by outside vendors are not permitted on Grounds. Any distribution of materials on public property shall not disrupt University business, generate security issues, or block sidewalks or roads.


Tailgating is allowed for all UVA track & field meets. Tailgating must not take up multiple parking spaces or block the driving lanes. No glass bottles permitted.

Throwing Objects

For safety reasons, throwing objects in any athletics facility is prohibited. Violators are subject to removal from the facility.


Water Stations

A complimentary water station is provided for patrons inside the front gate to Lannigan Field.

Entry & Gate Information

General Information

The entrance to Lannigan Field is located on Copeley Rd.

Prohibited Items
  • Artificial noisemakers
  • Balls, Frisbees, lacrosse sticks, and similar items
  • Umbrellas
  • Weapons of any kind, including those carried with a permit, as defined in SEC-030: Regulations of Weapons, Fireworks and Explosives
  • Drones or unmanned aircraft systems
  • Animals (with the exception of trained service animals on leashes for our guests with disabilities)

*The University of Virginia reserves the right to prohibit any item deemed hazardous or disruptive to the athletics event or the enjoyment of the event by other guests.

All guests are subject to inspection and search for prohibited items. Event staff reserves the right to examine the contents of bags, jackets, pockets, or any other personal item before admitting guests to the facility. In order to expedite entrance into the facility, it is recommended that guests not bring bags to events and arrive early at the facility gates.

Code of Conduct

University of Virginia athletics events should be an enjoyable experience for all guests. To help us reach this goal for fans, staff, and student-athletes, we ask for your assistance in displaying a high degree of sportsmanship at all times.


Admission is free at all UVA track & field events at Lannigan Field



Concessions are not available at Lannigan Field during UVA track & field meets. Outside food and beverages are permitted, with the exception of alcohol.

Parking and Shuttles

General Information

Free parking is available in the JPJ South Lot during UVA track & field meets. Overflow parking is available in the UVA Emmet/Ivy Garage.

Fan Shuttles

No shuttles are offered for UVA track & field meets, unless announced.

Accessibility & ADA

Accessibility Accommodations

The University of Virginia provides accommodations for guests with disabilities at all athletics facilities.
Accessible seating is defined as wheelchair spaces and companion seats of the Department of Justice
guidelines pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act. A public entity may investigate the potential misuse of accessible seating where there is good cause to believe that such seating has been purchased fraudulently.

Parking & Shuttles

ADA Parking is available in the JPJ South parking lot.


What time will venue doors open?

Lannigan Field will open gates 1 hour prior to the first event.

Can fans bring in blankets in cold weather?

Blankets are allowed to be brought into Lannigan Field.