UVA Sports Medicine Student Volunteer Program

This survey link at the bottom of this page is the application for the University of Virginia Sports Medicine Student Volunteer Program.  Visit https://virginiasports.com/sports/2018/5/22/sports-med-undergraduate-volunteers-html.aspx to learn more about the volunteer program. It is recommended that the Sports Medicine Student Volunteer Application be completed in one sitting.

The following are the short response questions that are a part of our volunteer application. Please take the time to formulate your responses in a Word document, then copy your responses into the Qualtrics application. If you start the Qualtrics survey and do not complete the application in one sitting, Qualtrics will not save your responses and you will have to start over.

What qualities do you possess that make you a competitive applicant for the volunteer program? What do you hope to gain from this volunteer experience? (100 word limit)

Please describe why you want to volunteer with UVA sports medicine. How does this relate to your career goals? (100 word limit)

Please note: If you are volunteering as part of a practicum, you will need to meet all of the sports medicine requirements as outlined as well as those set up with your individual department of study. Please check with your advisor to make sure you are completing all requirements for the practicum for class credit. As a sports medicine student volunteer, personal relationships with student athletes are prohibited and will result in termination of your involvement with the program.

UVA Sports Medicine Student Volunteer Application