2006 NCAA Regional -Game 4
Post-Game Quotes

June 3, 2006


Game #4 Quotes
June 3, 2006

Ray Tanner, head coach

On today’s win:
UVa is a great club, and they have a number of ways they can beat you. We knew we had to get some baserunners, and just work out a way to win. They don’t have 47 wins for no reason; I have a lot of respect for them and we knew it was going to be a battle. We had some breaks when we were able to throw out some runners­throwing out three meant we only had to pitch eight innings. Virginia is very efficient with runners on, and to be able to throw out those guys made a big difference.

On Sean Doolittle
Doolitte is one of the best pitchers in the country. The numbers support that. He doesn’t give up walks and he doesn’t give up hits. It’s hard to find a blemish in his game. Fortunately for us Disher was able to hit that home run and give us some room. That in turn allowed [Harris] Honeycutt to be more aggressive. But I don’t want to take anything away from Doolittle.

On Harris Honeycutt
Harris did a better job pitching when there were runners on base than with the leadoff men, but he did a great job when he had the opportunity. He has some good pitches, and he will mix things up to get the job done. We are trying to encourage him to pitch to the leadoff hitter like he does when there are men on, but you can’t argue with what he was able to do tonight.

On Phil Disher
The reason he doesn’t have many home runs is because his coach hasn’t given him enough opportunities. He hasn’t had that many appearances, and he has worked his way into the lineup late in the season. He is making the most of his appearances, and it’s worked out well for us.

Phil Disher, who hit a grand slam in the third
We were just trying to get some pitches to hit on Doolittle. It was a fastball right over the plate, and when I hit it long, I was excited to give Harris some runs he could work with.

Harris Honeycutt, starting pitcher who picked up the win
Virginia did a great job getting the leadoff men on. I knew I was going to have to throw strikes to get them out and to battle back. I credit the defense for backing me up and giving us a chance to win, and then Phil [Disher] for giving us the runs to put us ahead.


Game #4 Quotes
June 3, 2006

Brian O’Connor, head coach
On USC’s home run:
That’s what makes South Carolina a good team. They belong here in this tournament, and they proved that tonight. They came into a tough environment on the road, and their guys stepped up and pitched a good ballgame. The scoreboard tells the story of the game; we each had eight hits; they scored eight runs; we scored two. And that’s what that home run will do for you. If you don’t do a good job on the base and you don’t get a great starting pitching performance, it’s very difficult to win when you’re playing against a team that is a threat to hit a three-run home run.

On USC pitcher Harris Honeycutt:
He pitched a very good game. He kept the game under control. I was impressed with him.

The reality is we have to take advantage of our opportunities, and we didn’t to that tonight.

On facing Evansville tomorrow:
We’ve got a fight on our hand tomorrow. There’s no doubt about it. They’re feeling positive and good about themselves right now.

We need to wake up in the morning and come ready to play. I like our guy on the mound (freshman Jacob Thompson). He doesn’t pitch like an 18-year old. He’s an All-ACC pitcher as a freshman. He’s got 10 wins. I think he’s pretty special.

On every game being a must win:
We just need to take them (the games) one at a time. I know that’s the oldest clichÃÀ ‘À ‘ÃÆ’â’¬ ‘ÃÀ ‘â’¬ ‘ÃÀ ‘À ‘ÃÆ’¢ÃƒÆ’¢’¬ ‘© in coaching. We just need to try to get ourselves to the 6 p.m. game (against South Carolina).

Sean Doolittle, Pitcher
On today’s performance:
I felt really good. I was really ready to go. I don’t think it was a case that myself or the team not being ready to play. The guys were fired up. I felt really good. I walked a couple guys, and I missed a couple spots in crucial situations. Against a team like that, you’re not going to get away with that especially at this point in the season.

I was getting good quality contact on my turns out of their hitters. I didn’t come through and close the deal with two outs.

On walks:
I walked a couple of guys and it came back to haunt me. Two innings later I walked two guys with no outs. After we scored a run in the top half of the inning, I came out and walked two guys to start off the inning. I feel like the walks definitely came back to haunt me.

This team’s done an outstanding job of bouncing back all year. I think it’s really good that we play early tomorrow and put this behind us. I know this team is going to come out ready to play. The sooner we get back on the field the better.

Tom Hagan, first base
The most important thing is that we’re still playing. We’re at home. We have a great crowd. We know they’re going to come out ready to go just like we are tomorrow. We just look at the first game first. We’ve got Evansville at 1 p.m. Hopefully we’ll see these guys (USC) again tomorrow night.