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Oct. 7, 2000

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OCTOBER 7, 2000

On runs by Tyree Foreman on UVa’s final drive:I thought we were going to have to throw. You have to give the offensiveline a lot of credit, plus the backs made good cuts and got extra yards.

On the play of UVa’s defense, holding RB Lamont Jordan to 76 yards:

The defensive linemen up front did a good job. He did not have a lot ofrunning room. He is really dangerous when he gets a big hole at the line ofscrimmage and he gets into the linebackers and beyond. That is when he’s athis best. Our defense did a great job containing him.

On the offensive play selection in the second half:

I think running was the thing to do — let the clock run down as much as wecan.

On the play of UVa’s defense overall:

The defense has gotten better and I thought they showed a lot of characterand a lot of heart today.

On the quarterback situation:

We are at our best when the offense is running and throwing. ObviouslyEllis is our best passert and we would like to have him back. If not, we’llwin with somebody else. Either one of them [Spinner or Schaub] would playbetter if we had to go with them in two weeks.

On injuries on the offensive line:

We’ve had to juggle the offensive line since we lost [Jared] Woodson andJay Green. Wehad to take Kevin Bailey and move him to center. Thingsweren’t going too well. We did not have a good week of practice on offense.I was surprised we got out to such a good start. But we need our passinggame. These offensive linemen need a rest. I am going to give them a lot ofrest this week. We are only going to hit one day next week, two at the most.

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