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Nov. 10, 2001

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Give credit to Virginia. They made that flea-flicker when they had to.

I’m disappointed with the way we played overall defensively and with special teams on that one play.

We’ve had a tough time with games like this all year.

I thought we got away from our running game a little too soon. I didn’t think our offensive line played very well.

Virginia put seven or eight guys up in the box. It’s tough to run against that so we threw more. We threw the ball well, but we just couldn’t stop anybody.

We’ve rushed the passer better all year than we did tonight, but Virginia’s offensive line played well.

Spinner broke containment four or five times. The definition of rushing the passer in lanes wasn’t there. And Spinner completed several passes after he broke containment.


This was a magnificent college football game. There was tremendous will and heart by both teams, a magnificent performance by both quarterbacks, and a great call by [offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave] there at the end. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

On the last Virginia touchdown: We practice the jump ball more than we do that [play]. … It is just a regular curl pattern with a trailer. If it is clear, he passes it to him. If it is not, we take the gain we have and move on to the next play. We didn’t have much time left there. George [O’Leary] knows defense. He knows defense real well, and he’s going to have something set up that won’t allow you to just throw something over the top of the defense. You’re going to have to find a way to slick ’em a little bit.

The offensive line did a very, very good day today. I thought our quarterback was terrific. … Even though there was some good coverage down field that prevented him from throwing the ball, there was good enough protection to allow him to move around the pocket to find those openings.

George Godsey was everything I thought he would be. We tried everything we could to cool him down — a variety of coverages and pressures. He sees them coming. He is a hard guy to deal with.

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