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Feb. 26, 2002

CHARLOTTESVILLE – The University of Virginia Department of Athletics has announced that the policy of not permitting re-entry to the Carl Smith Center, home of David A. Harrison III Field at Scott Stadium, will remain in effect for the 2002 football season. Prior to the 2001 season, patrons were allowed to re-enter the facility if they left after being initially admitted. After September 11, 2001, that policy was changed for security purposes. Security issues are not the primary reason that the policy is being continued for the upcoming season, however.

“The Carl Smith Center and Scott Stadium provide us with the best and most attractive college football venue in the country. Our team can benefit from the competitive advantage that comes from an imposing and intimidating atmosphere in the stadium,” commented Director of Athletics Craig Littlepage. “One element of gaining this competitive edge is to have Cavalier fans ready to support the team throughout the game. Part of gaining that edge will be implementing the ‘no re-entry’ policy, which encourages fans to remain in the stadium. The goal is to create an environment that maximizes our home-field advantage from the beginning of the game until the final horn.”

Littlepage sent a letter announcing the decision to each season ticket holder during the last week. His letter was distributed prior to a mailing with renewal information for 2002 Virginia football season tickets.

While establishing the home field and competitive advantage is the overriding factor in this decision, there are other added benefits.

“This move will allow our game and event management staff to focus on service to our fans during the game,” Littlepage said. “Although security issues also remain important, the game-day atmosphere will be more enjoyable and safer for all fans and spectators. Ultimately, I believe this is what’s best for the football team and for our fans.”

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