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Nov. 23, 2002

ITHACA, N.Y. – The University of Virginia wrestling team took fifth place after scoring 97.50 points in the 2002 Body Bar Invitational at Cornell University’s Newman Arena in Bartels Hall. The Cavaliers faced a talented field of wrestlers from nine different schools. UVa’s Josh Etu (Queensbury, N.Y./Queensbury) placed second in the heavyweight class and finished as the Cavaliers top individual after going 2-1 in the heavyweight class to place runner-up. Virginia’s trio of Tim Foley (Stafford, Va./Brooke Point), Brian Muir (Toms River, N.J./Toms River North) and Bob Seidel (Wall, N.J./Wall) each took third place in their respective weight classes. Foley went 4-1 at 157 pounds, Muir finished 4-1 at 174 pounds and Seidel finished 4-1 at 141 pounds. Cornell, the host school, won the event after finishing first with 171 points and four first place winners.

UVa’s Etu won his first two matches at heavyweight after defeating Cornell’s Matt Bogumil (7-3) and Drexel’s Mike Carroll (2-1 in overtime) before falling to Army’s John Paxton by the score of 10-8 in the heavyweight finals. The Cavaliers’ Foley won his first two matches after pinning Brian Murphy (Ithaca) at 1:37 and posting a 9-1 major decision over Drexel’s Andy Ciasulli. He later went on to recorded a 10-2 major decision over Edinboro’s Eric Ring before recording his third major decision of the day with a 12-4 win over Oregon’s Tony Overstake in the 157 consolation finals. Virginia’s Muir lost his first bout but bounced right back to win four consecutive matches after defeating Drexel’s Josh Fisk (6-3), Sacred Heart’s Wayne Oakly (7-2), Cornell’s Ray Calloway (5-4 in overtime) and Army’s Robert Song (5-4) in the 174 consolation finals. UVa’s Seidel won his first two matches after pinning Edinboro’s Matt Kind just :24 into the bout before gathering a 4-3 victory over Cornell’s Justin Lijo. He was later awarded a medical forfeit over Drexel’s Bill Haverly before defeating Cornell’s Byron Warner 8-5 in the 141 consolation finals.

Virginia first-year wrestler Ian DeRath (Forest, Va./Lowell (Mich.)) placed fourth at 125 pounds with a 4-2 record. DeRath recorded a 17-2 technical fall victory over American’s Matt Pelligrino before winning three consecutive matches including a pair of wins over Oregon’s Jacob Boyles (5-1) and Edinboro’s Nate Mumblo (fall @ 4:33) to finish fourth in his class. The Cavaliers’ Will Durkee (Pittsburgh, Pa./Shady Side Academy) and Scott Mania (Virginia Beach, Va./Cox) each placed fifth in their respective classes. Durkee finished 3-2 at 165 pounds while Mania finished 4-2 at 184 pounds. Durkee defeated Ithaca’s Gary Bruzzese (7-3), Cornell’s J.T. Hagen (6-0) and Army’s Brian Lucas (8-2) to take fifth. Mania won four of his last five matches after defeating Sacred Heart’s Thomas Pereira (fall @ 3:20), Drexel’s JJ Eltz (9-2), Edinboro’s Mark Hudson (8-6) and Drexel’s John Caprio (7-5) to also place fifth.

UVa’s Zach Freday (Akron, Ohio/Hoover) placed sixth at 197 pounds to highlight the Cavaliers’ top individual finishes.

Virginia will return to action on Saturday, November 30th when UVa travels to Chapel Hill, N.C. to compete in the 2002 Sharpie Open. The event will be hosted by the North Carolina Tar Heels and is scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM at UNC’s Carmichael Auditorium.

Here is a complete look at UVa’s individual and team results from the 2002 Body Bar Invitational.

Team Finishes

Place	School		Points		1	2	3	4	5	61.	Cornell		171.00		4	4	0	2	2	02.	Edinboro		162.50		3	2	3	1	1	13.	Oregon		115.50		0	0	2	3	2	24.	Army		98.00		2	1	0	1	1	15.	VIRGINIA	97.50		0	1	3	1	2	16.	Drexel		93.00		1	2	1	0	0	37.	Sacred Heart	51.50		0	0	0	1	2	18.	Ithaca		36.00		0	0	1	0	0	19.	American	22.50		0	0	0	1	0	0
Result	Opponents					Score125	*** 4th Place ***W	Ian DeRath (UVa) def. Matt Pelligrino (American)	TF, 17-2L	Rob Rebmann (Drexel) def. Ian DeRath (UVa)		7-4W	Ian DeRath (UVa) def. Brian Sticca (UVa)		10-9W	Ian DeRath (UVa) def. Jacob Boyles (Oregon)		5-1W	Ian DeRath (UVa) def. Nate Mumblo (Edinboro)	Fall @ 4:33L	Jacob Gray (Edinboro) def. Ian DeRath (UVa)		Fall @ 1:20

125L Philip Kalil (Sacred Heart) def. Brian Sticca (UVa) 3-1W Brian Sticca (UVa) def. Macario Alvarez (Ithaca) 9-2L Ian DeRath (UVa) def. Brian Sticca (UVa) 10-9

133L Alejandro Alvarez (Cornell) def. Joey Carpenter (UVa) MD, 14-4L Bryan Gammons (Ithaca) def. Joey Carpenter (UVa) DE @ 2:15

141 *** 3rd Place ***W Bob Seidel (UVa) def. Matt King (Edinboro) Fall @ 0:24W Bob Seidel (UVa) def. Justin Lijo (Cornell) 4-3L Cory Ace (Edinboro) def. Bob Seidel (UVa) 7-6W Bob Seidel (UVa) def. Bill Haverly (Drexel) Med. ForeitW Bob Seidel (UVa) def. Byron Warner (Cornell) 8-5

149W Jim Hartey (UVa) def. Casey Becker (Cornell) 6-5L Deante Penn (Edinboro) def. Jim Hartey (UVa) 6-4 (OT)L Aviv Bercovicz (American) def. Jim Hartey (UVa) 5-3

149W Paul Bjorlo (UVa) def. Marc Isreal (Ithaca) 12-5L Dustin Manotti (Ithaca) def. Paul Bjorlo (UVa) MD, 15-5L John Cholish (Cornell) def. Paul Bjorlo (UVa) 3-2

157 *** 3rd Place ***W Tim Foley (UVa) def. Brian Murphy (Ithaca) Fall @ 1:37W Tim Foley (UVa) def. Andy Ciasulli (Drexel) MD, 9-1L Joe Mazzurco (Cornell) def. Tim Foley (UVa) 7-6W Tim Foley (UVa) def. Eric Ring (Edinboro) MD, 10-2W Tim Foley (UVa) def. Tony Overstake (Oregon) MD, 12-4

157L Gabe Webster (Cornell) def. Conor Manley (UVa) TF, 15-0L Andy Ciasulli (Drexel) def. Conor Manley (UVa) MD, 11-0

165 *** 5th Place ***W Will Durkee (UVa) def. Gary Bruzzese (Ithaca) 7-3W Will Durkee (UVa) def. J.T. Hagen (Cornell) 6-0L Matt King (Edinboro) def. Will Durkee (UVa) 9-4L Luke Larwin (Oregon) def. Will Durkee (UVa) 3-3 (OT)W Will Durkee (UVa) def. Brian Lucas (Army) 8-2

174 *** 3rd Place ***L Ray Calloway (Cornell) def. Brian Muir (UVa) Fall @ 6:29W Brian Muir (UVa) def. Josh Fisk (Drexel) 6-3W Brian Muir (UVa) def. Wayne Oakly (Sacred Heart) 7-2W Brian Muir (UVa) def. Ray Calloway (Cornell) 5-4 (OT)W Brian Muir (UVa) def. Robert Song (Army) 5-4

174L Wayne Oakly (Sacred Heart) def. Ram McDonnell (UVa) Fall @ 2:30W Ram McDonnell (UVa) def. Robert Stubs (Ithaca) MD, 11-3L Robert Song (Army) def. Ram McDonnell (UVa) 3-1

174L Shane Webster (Oregon) def. Peter Kang (UVa) Fall @ 2:20L Robert Song (Army) def. Peter Kang (UVa) MD, 14-5

184 *** 5th Place ***L Pat Shufelt (Drexel) def. Scott Mania (UVa) 5-4W Scott Mania (UVa) def. Thomas Pereira (Sacred Heart) Fall @ 3:20W Scott Mania (UVa) def. JJ Eltz (Drexel) 9-2W Scott Mania (UVa) def. Mark Hudson (Edinboro) 8-6L Jeff Edelstein (Ithaca) def. Scott Mania (UVa) Fall @ 4:50W Scott Mania (UVa) def. John Caprio (Drexel) 7-5

197 *** 6th Place ***L Anthony Reynolds (Sacred Heart) def. Zach Freday (UVa) MD, 12-1W Zach Freday (UVa) def. Andy DeMartino (UVa) 5-2W Zach Freday (UVa) def. Jake Leair (Oregon) 5-4 (OT)L David Shunamon (Edinboro) def. Zach Freday (UVa) 10-5L Joe Forsman (Army) def. Zach Freday (UVa) 7-2

197L Matt Greenberg (Cornell) def. Andy DeMartino (UVa) Fall @ 4:27L Zach Freday (UVa) def. Andy DeMartino (UVa) 5-2

HWT *** 2nd Place ***W Josh Etu (UVa) def. Matt Bogumil (Cornell) 7-3W Josh Etu (UVa) def. Mike Carroll (Drexel) 2-1 (OT)L John Paxton (Army) def. Josh Etu (UVa) 10-8

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