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Nov. 1, 2003

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NC State Head Coach Chuck Amato Quotes

On the fans:
“They were great. The other night on the radio show, I mentioned to the fans that we needed to all be tired after tonight’s game and I think we all are. This place was deafening. This win was a great win for this university and again, on television. I’m just estatic for everybody.”

On Philip Rivers:
“For the type of game we were in, fighting to be the second-best team in the league, I thought Philip really stepped up. He hadn’t thrown a touchdown pass in the first three games against Virginia, but he got it today. And when he got started up, he was hot as a pistol.”

On T.A. McLendon:
“Isn’t it a shame that T.A. hasn’t been able to play as much as we would have liked this season. It’s incredible what he has gone through the past two weeks, and then to come in tonight and play the way he did. He did really well. He’s a force just being in the backfield. He’s a big leaguer.”

On the last drive:
“We stopped them and got the ball back with enough time to drive down the field. He [McLendon] ran through some people. They [Virginia] were thinking pass, and when you have someone like T.A. in the backfield, it’s the element of surprise.”

Virginia Head Coach Al Groh Quotes

“I thought both teams had the same plays for 58 minutes. But then, State made the plays they needed to make in the final minutes to win the ball game.”

On Philip Rivers:
“Obviously we would’ve liked to have gotten six or seven sacks, but we weren’t able to. He’s [Rivers] just a wonderful quarterback and has been all four years he has been here. He had a hot hand tonight. He was a better player tonight than he had been before [against us].”

On T.A. McLendon:
“I don’t think he was that big a factor tonight, except for in the end. He’s a good player, but he proved to be a force on the last play.”

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