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Nov. 20, 2004

ITHACA, N.Y. – The University of Virginia wrestling team finished sixth with 66 points in Cornell University’s 2004 Body Bar Invitational. Five UVa wrestlers; Rocco Caponi, Will Durkee, Steve Hromada, Paul Bjorlo and Adam Kimbrell, each finished the event as placewinners as the group finished in the top six spots of their respective weight classes. Caponi was the only Cavalier to go undefeated in the event as he went 4-0 at 174-pounds to claim first place in his weight class.

Caponi won all four of his matches, including a 6-3 victory over Army’s Gabriel Lucero in the 174-pound championship match, to take first place. Durkee posted Virginia’s second best finish after going 4-1 at 165-pounds to take third place. Durkee defeated Sacred Heart’s Sherwood Fendryk 6-1 to claim third place.

UVa’s Hromada posted a mark of 3-2 to finish in fourth place at 133-pounds, while the Cavaliers’ duo of Bjorlo and Kimbrell each placed fifth. Bjorlo went 5-2 at 157-pounds while Kimbrell finished 3-2 at 125-pounds.

The event was Caponi and Kimbrell’s first collegiate invitational as both wrestlers are first-year performers at UVa. In all, 19 members of the Virginia wrestling program competed in the 11-team event.

Virginia (2-1) will return to action on December 3-4 when the Cavaliers travel to Las Vegas, Nevada to compete in the prestigious Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational. The event is scheduled to run all day on both days of competition.

Here is a complete look at Virginia’s team and individuals results from the 2004 Cornell University Body Bar Invitational:

2004 Cornell Body Bar Invitational Team Standings

1. Michigan 139.502. Cornell 131.003. The Citadel 105.004. Edinboro 99.005. Army 94.006. Virginia 66.007. Drexel 59.508. Maryland 33.009. Davidson 25.5010. Sacred Heart 21.0011. Ithaca 19.50

Virginia’s Individual Results From The 2004 Cornell Body Bar Invitational

125 - Adam Kimbrell		*** 5th Place ***W	Adam Kimbrell (UVa) def. Brandon Luce (Drexel)		8-3W	Adam Kimbrell (UVa) def. Mike Arone (Sacred Heart)	7-0L	Kevin Vinh (Maryland) def. Adam Kimbrell (UVa)		7-2L	Dan Stewart (Drexel) def. Adam Kimbrell (UVa) 		8-4W	Adam Kimbrell (UVa) def. Patrick Coman (Davidson)	5-4

125 – Anthony BurkeL Patrick Coman (Davidson) def. Anthony Burke (UVa) Fall @ 2:38W Anthony Burke (UVa) def. Andrew McDonald (Citadel) Fall @ 4:46L Brad Regan (Citadel) def. Anthony Burke (UVa) 9-8

133 – Steve Hromada *** 4th Place ***W Steve Hromada (UVa) def. Michael Arias (Citadel) 6-4W Steve Hromada (UVa) def. Zach Makovsky (Drexel) 8-4L Ryan McClester (Citadel) def. Steve Hromada (UVa) 4-2W Steve Hromada (UVa) def. Tony Severo (Army) 7-4L Craig Gillison (Michigan) def. Steve Hromada (UVa) MD, 13-0

141 – Chet NaylorL Matt Easter (Cornell) def. Chet Naylor (UVa) 6-1W Chet Naylor (UVa) def. Chris Davis (Sacred Heart) 13-9L Rick McLaughlin (Edinboro) def. Chet Naylor (UVa) Fall @ 2:00

149 – Paul DunstanW Paul Dunstan (UVa) def. Mike Matinez (Citadel) 9-3W Paul Dunstan (UVa) def. Anthony Haynes (Sacred Heart) 4-1L Phillip Simpson (Army) def. Paul Dunstan (UVa) Fall @ 4:24W Paul Dunstan (UVa) def. Zach Rosson (UVa) 5-2L Jacob Gray (Edinboro) def. Paul Dunstan (UVa) 8-6 OT

149 – Zach RossonL Mark Cartell (Drexel) def. Zach Rosson (UVa) 5-1W Zach Rosson (UVa) def. Keith Bernard (Maryland) 11-9W Zach Rosson (UVa) def. Adam Johnson (Ithaca) Med. ForfeitL Paul Dunstan (UVa) def. Zach Rosson (UVa) 5-2

157 – Paul Bjorlo *** 5th Place ***W Paul Bjorlo (UVa) def. Mike Mackie (Cornell) 7-4W Paul Bjorlo (UVa) def. Billy Haydt (Drexel) 2-1 (OT)L Matt Pendle (Davidson) def. Paul Bjorlo (UVa) 6-4W Paul Bjorlo (UVa) def. Josh Yetzer (Edinboro) 9-6W Paul Bjorlo (UVa) def. Mike Mackie (Cornell) 6-2L Joey Hooker (Cornell) def. Paul Bjorlo (UVa) 6-5W Paul Bjorlo (UVa) def. Matt Pendle (Davidson) 7-1

157 – Jim HarteyW Jim Hartey (UVa) def. Jeff March (Michigan) 7-2L Josh Cholish (Cornell) def. Jim Hartey (UVa) 5-2L Mike Mackie (Cornell) def. Jim Hartey (UVa) MD, 18-4

157 – Conor ManleyL Joey Hooker (Cornell) def. Conor Manley (UVa) MD, 14-3L Fendryk (Sacred Heart) def. Conor Manley (UVa) 9-5

165 – Will Durkee *** 3rd Place ***W Will Durkee (UVa) def. Trevor Clavette (Davidson) MD, 12-1W Will Durkee (UVa) def. Dan Thompson (Citadel) 5-2L Ryan Churella (Michigan) def. Will Durkee (UVa) 4-2W Will Durkee (UVa) def. Marc Isreal (Ithaca) Fall @ 3:45W Will Durkee (UVa) def. Sherwood Fendryk (Sacred Heart) 6-1

174 – Rocco Caponi *** 1st Place ***W Rocco Caponi (UVa) def. Chris Bala (Edinboro) MD, 15-1W Rocco Caponi (UVa) def. Nick Kozar (Drexel) 5-1W Rocco Caponi (UVa) def. Nick Roy (Michigan) Med. ForfeitW Rocco Caponi (UVa) def. Gabriel Lucero (Army) 6-3

174 – Damian JohnsonL Eric Ring (Edinboro) def. Damian Johnson (UVa) 4-1L Luke Hogle (Cornell) def. Damian Johnson (UVa) 6-3

184 – Kyle NarkiewiczL Jim Gibson (Edinboro) def. Kyle Narkiewicz (UVa) 3-2L Charles Martin (Army) def. Kyle Narkiewicz (UVa) 7-3

184 – Chudi UriahL Carl Schmidt (Drexel) def. Chudi Uriah (UVa) 7-0L Mark Eberstein (Maryland) def. Chudi Uriah (UVa) 6-3

184 – Brandon RaedyL Robert Stubbs (Ithaca) def. Brendan Raedy (UVa) MD, 12-0L Carl Schmidt (Drexel) def. Brendan Raedy (UVa) 6-0

197 – Scott SmithL Jerry Rinaldi (Cornell) def. Scott Smith (UVa) MD, 10-2W Scott Smith (UVa) def. Ram McDonnell (UVa) 6-2L Aaron Brown (Citadel) def. Scott Smith 2-1

197 – Ram McDonnellL Jon Oplinger (Drexel) def. Ram McDonnell (UVa) Fall @ 1:39L Scott Smith (UVa) def. Ram McDonnell (UVa) 6-2

HWT – Nick SmithW Nick Smith (UVa) def. Zach Hammond (Cornell) 8-6W Nick Smith (UVa) def. Bryan Petti (Ithaca) 4-3L Joe Hennis (Edinboro) def. Nick Smith (UVa) 4-3W Nick Smith (UVa) def. Tony D’Amelio (Drexel) 3-1L Zach Hammond (Cornell) def. Nick Smith (UVa) 4-2

HWT – Andrew LefflerL Billy Linane (Citadel) def. Andrew Leffler (UVa) Fall @ 2:30L Tony D’Amelio (Drexel) def. Andrew Leffler (UVa) 3-2

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