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April 20, 2005

EVANSTON, Ill. – Three University of Virginia wrestlers competed at the 2005 University National Championships at Northwestern University. UVa’s Rocco Caponi (Uniontown, Ohio/SVSM) competed in both the Greco-Roman and Freestyle Championships, while Nick Smith (Boise, Id./Centennial) and Adam Kimbrell (Dawsonville, Ga./Dawson County) competed in the Freestyle Championships.

Caponi finished 3-2 at 185-pounds (84 kg) in the Freestyle Championships and went 1-2 at 185-pounds (84 kg) in the Greco-Roman Championships. Smith turned in a mark of 3-2 at 264.5-pounds (120 kg) in the Freestyle Championships while Kimbrell went 1-2 at 132-pounds (60 kg) in the Freestyle Championships.

Here is a look at the complete results for Caponi, Smith and Kimbrell from the 2005 University National Championships:

Wgt.	Opponents				Result** Rocco Caponi - Freestyle Championships (3-2) **W	Rocco Caponi def. Rory McCoy		7-0, 6-0W	Rocco Caponi def. Brendan Couture	6-0, 6-0L	Alex Clemsen def. Rocco Caponi		2-0, 4-0W	Rocco Caponi def. Ben Kelto 		1-0, 0-2, 3-3L	Jack Jensen def. Rocco Caponi		3-0, 4-5, 1-1

** Rocco Caponi – Greco-Roman Championships (1-2) **W Rocco Caponi def. Kyle Bressler 2-1, 6-0L Chas Betts def. Rocco Caponi 1-0, 0-4, 1-0L Ben Gilliland def. Rocco Caponi 6-0, 0-7, 2-1

** Nick Smith – Freestyle Championships (3-2) **W Nick Smith def. Marino Eatman 1-0, 3-0L Jamie Rakevich def. Nick Smith 2-0, 2-0W Nick Smith def. Brandon Schweitzel 1-0, 3-0W Nick Smith def. Don Braatz 2-0, 2-0L Tyler Rees def. Nick Smith 1-0, 3-0

** Adam Kimbrell – Freestyle Championships (1-2) **W Adam Kimbrell def. Marc Mellmer 4-1, 6-3L Eric Hoffman def. Adam Kimbrell 3-0, 1-2, 5-0L Tim Kephart def. Adam Kimbrell 6-2, 3-1

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