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Oct. 24, 2006

Virginia senior quarterback Marcus Hamilton is one of the leaders of the Virginia defense. He has 25 tackles this season to go along with a team-high four interceptions. Here are some of his thoughts on playing football at UVa:

Q: You made the 14th interception of your career in the Maryland game. Did you ever think you would have that many in your UVa career?
Hamilton: Honestly, I didn’t know how many I would have, but I wanted to keep working hard and using the talents the Lord has given to me to glorify him and help my team. It has be such a blessing to have the chance to get interceptions.

Q: What’s the toughest part about playing cornerback?
Hamilton: You’re out there on an island and everything you do gets seen by everyone else. It’s not like a defensive lineman who, if he makes a mistake, has people behind him to back him up. As a corner you are all alone.

Q: What do you enjoy most about the position?
Hamilton: The competition of lining up against the best players and trying to change the game for my team.

Q: What’s it like to pick off a pass? Describe what you are thinking as you watch the ball.
Hamilton: It feels pretty good to do that. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s a great feeling knowing that you got the ball back for your offense. When the ball is in the air, I’m just thinking that I’ve got to come down with it to make a play.

Q: You’re pretty loose during a game. You sing to music played on the PA system. What do you want your demeanor to be during a game?
Hamilton: I want to be loose but focused. It is just a game and it is supposed to be fun, so I want to go out and have fun. So my mentality is not to be uptight, but loose and full of fun and passion.

Q: What’s the most important thing coach Groh has taught you away from football?
Hamilton: I don’t know what the most important thing is, but I do know that it is important to prepare well because it greatly affects the outcome.

Q: How have you changed the most as a person because of your college experience?
Hamilton: My maturity level has grown so much.

Q: You earned your undergrad degree already. How difficult was that?
Hamilton: It took hard work but education is very important to me so I worked hard to focus on that and achieve the goal that I wanted.

Q: You work in video services this year. What have you learned from that experience?
Hamilton: Just how much preparation goes into setting up interviews and cutting highlights, and things like that.

Q: How do you want UVa fans to remember Marcus Hamilton?
Hamilton: As a passionate, dedicated hard worker who played hard and tried to model the right way to behave. That God was the giver of my life and that I tried to glorify Him on and off the football field.

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