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Dec. 2, 2006

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Cliff Keen Results

Rocco Caponi advanced to the quarterfinals at 184 pounds to lead the Virginia Wrestling team on day one of the 2006 Cliffe Keen Las Vegas Invitational. The Cavaliers have scored 25 points and are 20th in the 47 team tournament after the first day of competition.

Caponi pinned Stanford’s Zach Giesen at 1:21 in the round of 16 to advance to the quarterfinals. He recorded a technical fall over Oregon State’s Kyle Bressler, 16-0, in the round of 32.

Drew DiPasquale went 4-1 on the day at 149 pounds and Eric Albright finished 3-1. Mike Grogan also had three wins for the Cavaliers.

Here are the results for day one:

Round of 32: Ross Gitomer dec. Orozco, Marcos California-Davis, 8-6
Round of 16: Castillo, Patrick Northern Illinois Decision Gitomer, Ross Virginia, 7-4
Wrestleback 3: Byrd, Richard (Embry-Riddle) maj dec. Gitomer, Ross (Virginia), 13-4

Round of 16: Budd, Mark (Buffalo) dec. Albright, Eric (Virginia), 3-2
Round of 32: Albright, Eric (Virginia) dec. Ruggirello, Louie (Hofstra), 5-4
Wrestleback 4: Albright, Eric (Virginia) dec. Jenkins, Chris (Eastern Michigan), 9-6
Wrestleback 3: Albright, Eric (Virginia) dec. Pfennings, Bobby (Oregon State), 4-1

Round of 16: Bencivenga, Chris (UNCG) dec. Balum, Kellon (Virginia), 10-8
Round of 32: Balum, Kellon (Virginia) dec. Desmond, Garrett (Wyoming), 7-4
Pigtails: Balum, Kellon (Virginia) dec. Cusumano, Brad (Michigan), 7-1
Wrestleback 3:Barnes, Heinrich (North Idaho) dec. Balum, Kellon (Virginia), 2-0

Pigtails: Krieger, Andrew (UNCG) dec. DiPasquale, Drew (Virginia), 4-0
Wrestleback 4: DiPasquale, Drew (Virginia) dec. Bleaken, Corey (Cumberland), 7-5
Wrestleback 3: DiPasquale, Drew (Virginia) dec. Parziale, Mike (Hofstra), 3-2
Wrestleback 2: DiPasquale, Drew (Virginia) dec. Needle, Ryan (Buffalo), 9-4
Wrestleback 1: DiPasquale, Drew (Virginia) dec. Parker, Tyler (Stanford), 5-2

Pigtails: Strouse, James (Hofstra) dec. Sewell, Mike (Virginia), 6-2
Wrestleback 1: Henry, Robert (George Mason) pinned Sewell, Mike (Virginia), 0:29

Pigtails: Oates, Randy (George Mason) dec. Grogan, Mike (Virginia), 12-6
Wrestleback 4:Maciag, Matt (Wisconsin) maj. dec. Grogan, Mike (Virginia), 8-0Wrestleback 3: Grogan, Mike (Virginia) dec. Rowsey, Fred (Harvard), 5-4
Wrestleback 2: Grogan, Mike (Virginia) pinned Oberfoell, Jake (Missouri Valley), 1:59
Wrestleback 1: Grogan, Mike (Virginia) pinned O’Brien, Mike (San Francisco State), 1:31

Round of 16: Caponi, Rocco (Virginia) pinned Giesen, Zack (Stanford), 1:21
Round of 32: Caponi, Rocco (Virginia) tech. Fall Bressler, Kyle (Oregon State), 16-0
Round of 32: Scott, Ricky (Buffalo) dec. Narkiewicz, Kyle (Virginia), 2-1
Pigtails: Narkiewicz, Kyle (Virginia) dec. Riley, Kyle (Missouri Valley), 12-2
Wrestleback 2: McClone, Nick (Northern Illinois) dec. Narkiewicz, Kyle (Virginia), 3-0
Wrestleback 1: Narkiewicz, Kyle (Virginia) pinned Trueblood, Alex (San Francisco State), 3:09

Round of 32: Sheaffer, Zach (Pittsburgh) dec. Smith, Scott (Virginia), 4-1
Wrestleback 3: Smith, Scott (Virginia) dec. Parker, Jeff (Buffalo), 7-3
Wrestleback 2: Smith, Scott (Virginia) dec. Mock, Levon (Brown), 7-2

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