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Jamie Mulhare, a first-year on the Virginia field hockey team, has helped the Cavaliers to a top-20 national ranking despite facing one of the toughest schedules in the nation. She scored her first collegiate goal against California in a key 3-0 win for the Hoos and added her second in a goal against No. 14 Louisville on the road.

My favorite meal: Lox and bagels, with tomatoes and grapes

My favorite sports figure: Brady Quinn

My favorite movie: Top Gun

My favorite book: In the Shadows of the Ark

Major and why I chose it: Studio Art — I really enjoy painting and exploring the complex of colors and light

My primary inspiration in sports is: My family

My advice to players is: Keep mentally positive and take each day as it comes—live in the moment

The best thing about the University is: The welcoming atmosphere all around the campus between students and staff alike

My dream vacation would be: A sailboat cruise around either the Caribbean or Mediterranean

The best advice I ever received is: Life is about relationshipsmy Dad

My favorite place near Grounds: Mellow Mushroom

My song on the psych tape is: Lose yourself Eminem

My favorite moment in my personal sports history: A breakaway when I was a junior in high school during overtime. I had a 70-yard sprint with a diving shot on the five-yard line to win the game.

My favorite moment in sports history: USA women winning the FIFA World Cup in 1999

Best field hockey game I have been a part of: Beating the local powerhouse public school in 2006, my senior year, in overtime

Best field hockey game I have ever seen: Spain vs. Australia

Why I play field hockey: I love the exhilarating feeling of adrenaline during competition

A brief summary of my early hockey history: My two older sisters, Shelby and Meghan, both played

If I could invite someone to dinner, it would be: My late uncle Ross (my father’s eldest brother) to hear all of his stories of the Air Force and of my Dad

What do Michele Madison and her staff bring to Virginia? The ability to have fun while still reaching for our potentialthey are a very knowledgeable staff and are willing to work with you and your questions without hesitation

Why did I choose the number that I have? I had 10 in high school, and before that it was my sister’s number.

What do you enjoy most about UVa and your team: I have enjoyed every minute of my short time here as a team we suffer, sacrifice, and achieve together. We keep each other positive an optimisticalways striving for what we can do better.

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