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CHARLOTTESVILLEVirginia Athletics Director Craig Littlepage is the moderator for discussion of the documentary film “Hoop Realities” as part of The Virginia Film Festival. The film will be shown at the Newcomb Theater on Nov. 1 at 7 p.m.

“Hoop Realities” is a follow-up documentary to the critically acclaimed documentary “Hoop Dreams.” “Hoop Dreams” looked into the lives of Arthur Agee and William Gates, two inner-city Chicago kids with a common dream that basketball could provide an opportunity to escape the projects.

Scheduled to be in attendance for the showing of the documentary and the discussion are Arthur Agee, producer Damon Jones and director Lee Davis.

Littlepage has been Virginia’s athletics director since August of 2001. He played basketball at the University of Pennsylvania where he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1973. Littlepage was an assistant men’s basketball coach at Villanova, Yale and Virginia, and the men’s head basketball coach at Pennsylvania and Rutgers before beginning his career in athletics administration at UVa in 1990.

Littlepage served a five-year term (2002-07) on the NCAA Division I Men’s basketball Committee. He was chair of the committee in 2005-06 and administered a selection process that produced one of the most exciting tournaments in NCAA basketball championship history.

Admission is $6/$3 for students and seniors. Additional information on the showing of “Hoop Realities” follows. For information on The Virginia Film Festival visit

HOOP REALITIES (2006) with guests Arthur Agee, Lee Davis, and Damon Jones
Thursday, November 1, 7:00 pm, Newcomb Theater, $6 public/$3 students
Producer: Damon Jones
Director: Lee Davis
Cast: Arthur Agee

It’s been just over ten years since the critically acclaimed documentary Hoop Dreams took us into the lives of Arthur Agee and William Gates, two inner-city Chicago kids with a common dreamthat basketball could provide an opportunity to escape the projects. The film was honest and poignant and became one of the highest grossing documentaries of all time. Hoop Realities, the follow-up documentary about Agee and Gates, promises to be an equally affecting encore. Directed by Lee Davis, a Spike Lee protg listed as one of Variety’s “10 Screenwriters to Watch in 2000,” the film brings us up-to-date on the tumultuous lives of Agee and Gates. The NBA never provided that hoped-for ticket, but they both managed to escape the ghetto. Gates, now a pastor, has chosen to return to his old neighborhood in an effort to improve his community. Agee, though battered by the world, remains the optimistic soul we originally encountered a decade ago. He now has his own sports radio show and a “Hoop Dreams” clothing line and has formed his own foundation through which he makes public appearances and teaches children to control their own destiny, follow their dreams, and get an education. Both their lives continue to be tinged with tragedy. Agee’s father managed to kick a cocaine habit and become a pastor, only to be gunned down outside his home. Gates’ older brother was shot and killed in 2001. Yet despite these tribulations, both men are still dreaming. Agee and Gates are open, hopeful, and insightful, and it’s a pleasure spending time with them. Two years ago, they came together to record a memorable commentary track for Criterion Collection’s DVD reissue of Hoop Dreams. That enjoyable excursion was akin to a quick phone chat with a long lost friend. This film provides an even more rewarding experience. The Virginia Film Festival is proud to present the World Premiere of Hoop Realities.
Moderator: Craig Littlepage, Director of Athletics, University of Virginia

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