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Virginia’s Al Groh

Opening Statement
“NC State played a good game and you have to give them credit. We need better coaching, special teams, offense, defense, pass defense and rush defense. We just didn’t do enough to win tonight”

Jameel Sewell’s Injury
“Jameel cramped up seriously everywhere, not just in one place. When the tank is that low the quick fix methods that the trainers use don’t work”

Offside on kickoff
“We intended to kick the ball to the right side. I would like to think that the left side would know that they didn’t need to cover as much as usual”

Pressure by NC State defensive front
“Their pressure definitely made it difficult for our quarterbacks all night”

4th down by Jameel
“Throughout the game he showed his dual threat ability and we felt comfortable with him running the ball. He did everything today that we asked of him”

NC State Head Coach Tom O’Brien
Coach’s quotes

Opening Statement:
“Without a question, I think that off week was a great thing for this football team. We made some adjustments and have been a different team since. Daniel (Evans) did a great job throwing the ball tonight and Donald (Bowens) and Marcus (Stone) went up and caught everything. I also thought the offensive line did a great job of blocking against their rush.”

On defending Virginia’s Chris Long:
“We paid special attention to him coming in. He’s a great player and we knew he would be key defensively for them. We did a good job of staying in front of him and also of doubling up on him.”

On Donald Bowens:
“He’s a guy who bought into what we were teaching from day one. I’ve always said that you have to grab on to opportunities that present themselves and he’s an example of that. Donald got an opportunity and seized it. Tonight, he made some great grabs and gave a lot of effort.”

On defending Virginia’s Jameel Sewell:
“He’s a great player and very athletic. That third down play he made where he leaped over the tackle proved that. We had to rush four almost all the time to keep pressure on him. I hope he’s alright.”

On next week’s game against Miami:
“I’m so happy for these kids, but like I told them, we can be happy, but not satisfied. Next week is big for us as we’ll try to make it back-to-back ACC wins. We’ve just got to continue to build on what we’ve done so far.”

NC State Player Quotes

Donald Bowens, WR:

“It was a big game. I just tried to make big plays. We’re all trying to win. With it being a new season, I just wanted to help our team win. Virginia is a great team, but I knew I could run by them (defensive backs) because they just sat there and I knew they wouldn’t be able to turn around in time.”

On Daniel Evans:
“Daniel did a great job. He put the money on the money. He put the ball where the receiver could make a play. He’s always been a confident guy. Tonight he made some good plays.”

On team’s confidence:
“We never lost confidence. As far as a new season goes, we’re looking forward to win all these games. The bye week helped because we got to work on some fundamentals.”

Daniel Evans, QB:

On offense:
“All the receivers stepped up and made great plays down the field. Coach (Dana) Bible is getting us in a rhythm and helping us with our tempo by calling good plays. Before our tempo wasn’t good, but now we’re keeping everything going and our drives running.”

“Obviously playing against those guys (Virginia), we knew we weren’t going to have a whole lot of success running the ball, so we had to throw it. That’s what we did this week. Our offensive line did a great job and I know the protection is there. I couldn’t be more happy with the play of those guys up front.”

Dajuan Morgan, SS:

Our defense played well. The coaches had us go back to the basics and fundamentals. Doing the little things right. Coach had us cut back on the defensive plays to make it simpler. Focus on tackles. Our defensive line did a great job of getting pressure on their quarterback, which helped out our secondary.”

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