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James Erickson and the Cavaliers will host the 2007 Cavalier Open on Saturday, Nov. 3. Erickson, who ran for the Hoos in the opening meet of the 2007 season, the Lou Onesty Invitational, scored for Virginia in that meet.

Years of competitive running: Eight

My favorite place to run: The Ragged Mountain Reservoir. It is a rolling four-mile loop around the lake. You have to earn your way to the top. The view up there is breathtaking and not many people know about it. When I’m up there I’m reminded of how truly blessed I am to have the opportunity to live in such a beautiful place.

Most memorable race: Last year’s 5000m race at Duke was unforgettable as I was running the 5K under the lights in perfect conditions and crossing the line with some of my closest friends. The race really projected me into the past. I felt fresh like a kid again. It was exhilarating and fun.

Favorite Olympic event: Wrestling. I went to a big wrestling school in Michigan. My experience on the mat has played a huge role in building my character. Spring Olympic wrestling really motivates me to strive forward in all that I do. Wrestling is a sport of relentless perseverance.

Favorite book: Under the Overpass by Mike YauhaskiThe book is a journey of what the Christian faith looks like on the streets. Two college kids experience what it really looks like to live out your faith.

Music I listen to when I run: I believe headphones are completely unnecessary for running. There is an amazing soundtrack you can discover on the streets, on the dirt roads in the forest. The sounds of your breathing mixed in with nature and the great conversations you have with your teammates and with God.

Favorite pre-race meal/routine: Peanut butter Powerbars and some light Gatorade. However my primary source of fuel comes from spending time reading the Bible and prayingGod’s word is my sustenance and power

If I didn’t run, I would: See myself investing more in my talents in art. I am interested in using art as a platform to display what paint can do in the daily battle of good and evil. I see painting as a means to proclaim hope in this world.

Favorite place at UVa: The Lawn. Living on the Lawn has been a great blessing this year. There is an amazing energy in this space. It is a place to discover others as well as to discover yourself.

When I don’t run, I: Thrive on adrenaline when I’m not running in looking for adventure, cliff jumping, rock climbing, water skiing, and caving. I find great pleasure in meeting people outside of my immediate community. This is often accomplished through the non-profit free ice cream truck that I drive once a week.

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