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Abby Robertson, a third-year on the women’s basketball team, recently checked in with to talk about the team, herself and the ongoing season.

Question: Talk about the big wins over Texas and Minnesota and the overall experience playing in Hawaii’s Rainbow Wahine Classic.
: Hawaii overall was an amazing experience. It was so beautiful over there and although it was my first time there, I hope it’s not my last! Our wins over Texas and Minnesota were total team efforts. From the players on the floor, to the ones on the bench, everyone contributed and we had a lot of fun.

Question: What is something people would be surprised to know about your team?
I don’t know if people would be surprised to know this, but we are the goofiest group of girls on campus. We are also very close.

Question: What is your favorite Coach Ryan quote?
: “Pregame’s at U-Hall.”

Question: What is your personal goal for this season?
: My personal goal is make bigger contributions and as an upperclassman develop more of a leadership role.

Question: Who do you draw inspiration from?
: My teammates. If I am not having the best day, I try and draw energy from them.

Question: If you could take any two attributes from members of your team, what would you take and from who?
: I would want Jayna Hartig’s intelligence and academic abilities and Sharne Zoll’s ability to lead effectively.

Question: Being from Virginia, what is like playing for a hometown crowd at John Paul Jones Arena?
: It’s great, my parents are able to come to every game and it’s exciting to be able to represent the state of Virginia.

Question: What is the best part about being a women’s basketball player at UVa?
: Just being surrounded by great teammates and coaches. Coach Ryan is a legend.

Question: Is there anything else you’d like people to know about you?
: I’m a great singer!

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