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Name: Karla Wilburn
Nickname: Kar
Family: Father-Roy; Mother-Kathleen; Brother-Harry
Childhood Hero: Tony Gwynn
Favorite Food: Homemade carne asada tacos
Magazine Subscription(s): Cosmo
Musical Tastes: I grew up on Rock N’ Roll, but I’ve broadened my horizons since I came to college
Favorite Superhero: Aquamanjust because everyone forgets about him
Dream Car: A pink H3 Hummer … like in the Britney Spears music video
TV Shows You Never Miss: One Tree Hill, American Idol, Gossip Girl
Hobbies/Interests: Shopping, going to the beach, and I love board games
Favorite Charity: Habitat for Humanity
Favorite Vacation Spot: Spain!
First Pro Sports Event You Attended: Padres baseball game
First Time on an Airplane: When I was 18 months, my family went to Spain and Germany … I sure got a lot out of that trip
First Time You Started Playing Organized Sports: I tried gymnastics in the first grade but they told my mom to find me another sport because I would be too tall
Most Famous Person You Have Met (Where and When): I met Geena Davis (Dottie from the movie A League of Their Own) at a restaurant in San Diego
Best Thing About Charlottesville: Watching the leaves change colors in the Fall … that doesn’t happen in San Diego
Favorite Spot on Grounds: The Lawn … specifically the steps of the Rotunda … gorgeous!
The Title of Your Autobiography Would Be: “There’s a Little Blonde in Every Brunette”
What Reality TV Show Would You Be On: The Real World … preferably in an awesome city
One Thing About You That Would Surprise Most People Reading This: I lived in Mexico for three years when I was little and I had 76 pet rabbits
In 10 years, What Do You Hope To Be Doing: Have my own private speech pathology clinic and to have started a family
Greatest Sports Moment: I hit a home run my first pitch of my first at bat of my first game of high school varsity softball
How Many Songs in Your iPod: Couldn’t even make a guess
Your Best Halloween Costume: Bat GirlI loved acting fierce

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