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Senior Ted Angelinos and the top-seeded Cavaliers travel to Tulsa this week for the round of 16 of the NCAA Tournament. Virginia meets Michigan Friday at noon CT in the round of 16 at the Michael D. Case Tennis Center. caught up with Angelinos to look back at the Cavaliers’ undefeated season and to look ahead to the NCAA Championships.

Question: As a senior, you are entering your last week of college tennis. What are your thoughts as you approach this tournament?

Angelinos: It is exciting. The team has been playing well and we have been looking forward to these last few matches. This has been what we have been working for all year. It is exciting that the time has come.

Question: Last year the team came up shy of it goal, falling in the NCAA semifinal at Georgia. What did the team learn from that experience that will help this year?

Angelinos: The overall experience of being at the tournament and being so close to winning really helped and motivated us throughout the year. Most of the guys from last year are back this year. We learned a lot and hopefully we take that knowledge and use it to do better this year.

Question: You transferred here two years ago after Tulane dropped its program following Hurricane Katrina. Was a chance to be in a situation like this, being the No. 1 seed heading to the round of 16, a reason why you chose Virginia?

Angelinos: Definitely. This is my last year and things couldn’t have worked out any better. It is almost like a dream season with all the success we have had. It is nice feeling to be part of such a successful team.

Question: Head coach Brian Boland has often talked about what it means to have a player like you, who is undefeated in dual match singles this season, at the bottom of the lineup. How do you see your role on this team?

Angelinos: I think it gives the guys a lot of confidence to have someone as steady as me at the bottom of the lineup. We have so much depth that there are a lot of guys that could have a similar record at No. 6. I have been playing some pretty good tennis this year and I am glad that my team can depend on me.

Question: In a lot of the tournaments this season, National Team Indoors, ACC, the NCAA regional, you have been the one to clinch a lot of matches. Is that something you take pride in?

Angelinos: That is just luck. It is really nothing. It definitely feels good to win that deciding match. Hopefully I can keep it rolling. As long as the team wins, it doesn’t matter who clinches. This season it just seems like a good coincidence for me and hopefully we keep it going.

Question: Your parents flew in from Greece for the regional. Are they going to be able to go to Tulsa as well?

Angelinos: Yeah, they are on their way. They are going to spend a few days in Washington, D.C. and then make the trip to Tulsa. The regional was the first time that both of them got to see me play in college, so that was exciting. It has been a great experience for them and it is only going to get more exciting down in Tulsa. I am really happy that they were able to make it.

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