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Virginia postgame quotes:

head coach Al Groh

“We don’t take anything lightly. It’s not about in any way, shape or form anybody who wasn’t here. Our team is the team we put on the field today. I’m responsible for that. I take the blame for that and they’re really no other names to discuss.” 

On the play of UConn’s RB Donald Brown & Tyler Lorenzen:
“He was who we thought he would be. He’s very good. Fast, competitive obviously more than what we prepared for. [Lorenzen was] very strong. His ability to get drives started early on, throw accurately, get out of the pocket had us coming and going. The combo of his outstanding play, Donald brown’s outstanding play and our shortcomings in certain areas… it was coming from every direction.” 

On the play of QB Marc Verica:
“He made some decent throws. There were a lot of open guys out there, too… where the ball might’ve gone but as I said, this wasn’t about any individuals. We all did this together. He had a good head about him throughout the course of the game. Some plays he made needed clearer decisions and more accurate throws but it didn’t have anything to do with poise and confidence.” 

WR Kevin Ogletree
“The challenge is to get to the next game and obviously, fix some things about this game. I know it’s the easiest thing to say learn from your mistakes’ but we got some fundamentals and some things we got to get back to the drawing board. Once we get to the ACC, [games] like this can’t happen. I was trying to rally our defense a little bit and trying to get our offense some more movement. We weren’t happy by any means… [The offense] wanted to do some more things and we left some plays out there.”

Connecticut postgame quotes:

UConn head coach Randy Edsall

Opening Statement:
“This was a great win for us and the kids played very, very well. We had a good week of practice, prepared well, and came out here tonight very focused. Offensively that is probably as good of a first half that we played since I’ve been here. We were hitting on all cylinders and everybody was contributing. Defensively we played well so it was a total team effort. I am very proud of our guys.”

Can you talk about Tyler Lorenzen’s game tonight, it looked like this was the type of game you have been waiting for all season?
“I thought he was having fun tonight. I thought he was very focused and not that he wasn’t focused the first two weeks, but I felt he was so at ease with himself out there and played a very solid game. If he didn’t have it, he didn’t hesitate, he took it and he ran, he was very decisive tonight. That’s what we want him to continue to do is be very decisive.”

Did you see anything when preparing for Virginia this week that caused you to use Darius Butler on offense tonight?
“We wanted to, you guys have seen it at practice and preseason, we’ve worked him and I made the decision to use him on third down and in the redzone. That is what we will continue to do. I asked him at halftime how he felt and he said he felt good and he needs to be honest with me and honest with himself because if he is going to get some plays on offense I don’t want it to take away from us on defense.”

On a night like this, how did the passing game complement the running game?
“The big thing is, as a team we want to have balance. That does not necessarily mean throwing as much as running, but when you have the running game going the way that we did and then you throw it and make completions, it falls hand in hand. Some people will be committed to using the pass game to open the run game, but we are the other way around in the sense that we run the ball to open up the pass game. Some days we may have to switch that, but we felt that could be productive in the run game, and we try to use the run to setup our passing game.”

Donald Brown, JR TB
Did this game mean a little more to you?

“Yeah it does every game is important every game means the world to me but there are 2 red letter games on the schedule and this was one of them.”

566 yards, 8 touchdowns, through three games, what is clicking for you?
“It’s the offensive line, the fullback, the receivers they are just making my job easy.”

Knowing what you know about Virginia, were you surprised what you were able to do on offense against Virginia?
“Not really because we had a good week of practice there was little thought in the back of our heads about what happened down there last year. I knew that we would do well today.”

Tyler Lorenzen, SR QB
Tyler, Randy said you had fun tonight, that you have had fun all week. Did you have fun tonight?
“Yeah I definitely did, I love my teammates and when we have success and they score, I just get excited. They are just a great bunch of guys to be around and I just get excited for them.”

You like running the ball ten times a game?

“I’ll do anything, as long as we win, I will do anything, I don’t even care.”

I know we ask you this all the time, but how much more open were your receivers today because of your rush attack?
“You know, I think bottom line if we do what we know we can do we are going to be successful. Donnie and the other running back, they want the ball every play, the receivers want the ball all the time too and we just have to find what’s clicking and you know when we got to keep things rolling. When we got things working we just got to keep things going.”

Jordon Todman, FR TB
What did you expect playing your first game today?

“I didn’t know what to expect. Being a freshman and coming out on the big stag playing against UVA, which is a great team. You get nervous but after the first play you get the butterflies out and your ready to go. I have been playing football since the age of eight so it comes natural after the first play. I am excited and I am happy with my debut. I felt that I did pretty well, the team did pretty well and we won which is the most important thing.”

Was it as easy as it looked?
“No I would say it was not easy at all. It is easy when the offensive line, full back and the wide receivers are blocking like they do. When they do the right things the holes open up which is the object of the plays so it goes well for us.”

Darius Butler, SR CB
Is there something that you bring to the offense that they would not have?

“I wouldn’t say that they wouldn’t have it with out me. I think that I bring an element that the defenses have to prepare for during the week and that is always harder. I know from experience. I think that I bring explosiveness and I think I can make some big plays.”

On playing offense:
“I was pretty much a decoy in the play but they worked me in more. They told me this week during practice to prepare and that I would get some reps in this game and they came through.”

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