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On preparing for the game:
“We all felt very challenged going into the week. The players really took that challenge to prepare for this particular opponent and they took the challenge to move our game forward.”

On the progress of the team:
“Our team has clearly taken another step down the road of progress. There’s a long way to go yet. We haven’t gotten to the halfway mark so the challenge is to keep the progress moving forward. But good progress today. So many people stepped up.”

On the play of QB Jameel Sewell:
“He continued with his third straight positive game and when your quarterback plays like that, and is able to hit the open receivers, and get the game going like he did, that’s a big positive for us.”

On the play of the offensive line:
“They really stepped up. Clearly we’re beginning to become more physical on the offensive line and that leads to more balance for what we’re trying to do, so a good positive move there.”

On Vic Hall playing wide receiver:
“Clearly he is a very significant athlete. Whether it’s returning punts, playing corner, playing the slot, playing quarterback, when hasn’t Vic looked athletic? He’s a great competitor who loves the game of football, loves playing for his teammates, and he did a real good job out there as a receiver.”

On the play of the Virginia defense:
“Obviously, as indicated by the final score, the defense was very strong today. We saw a lot of good plays by the defensive players.”

On RB Mikell Simpson:
“We are sombered somewhat by Mikell’s situation. We don’t have anything definitive on him, but first indications are that we do feel positive about his long term situation.”

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