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Chris Agorsor, a sophomore forward from Severn, Md., recently checked in with to preview the team’s match at Virginia Tech on Saturday (Oct. 17). The Cavaliers are 7-3-1 overall on the year and Agorsor has tallied two goals and two assists this season. Kick-off from Thompson Field in Blacksburg, Va., on Saturday is scheduled for 7 p.m.

Question: Looking ahead to the Virginia Tech game in Blacksburg this weekend, what do you think it will take to win?
r: It’s going to take the same thing it always takes to win a game. We have to be mentally focused, physically prepared and up for it mentally.

Question: Last year with your knee injury you only got to play in one ACC game. Now with four ACC matches under your belt, what will you take into the next four games of league play?
: You learn from each game. Every game offers a different kind of puzzle, and you can take bits and pieces from each one. I think after the first four I am still learning the pace a little bit but for the most part I am adapting to the strength of the players. That is one of the biggest things I am picking up on.

Question: You have such a presence on the field up front; how do you manage to play bigger than you are?
: I think it comes down to a mentality thing. I guess I am really, really competitive. For me, it is one of those things I don’t really think about. Every time the ball comes up, it is a 50-50 to me. I think I have just as good of a chance to win the ball or get by the defender. I think it all starts in your mind.

Question: Did you ever consider doing anything else athletically with your speed?
: No, I get this question a lot. I love sports, but I have only ever played soccer. I have only ever devoted real time to playing soccer.

Question: Do you think that sitting out for most of last year makes this season and these home games more special?
: Yeah, when you are out for virtually a year, you learn to appreciate playing a lot more. Literally every time I get a chance to kick the ball I am really excited. I am just enjoying it in the moment. Obviously we want the results to go in our favor as well, but for me, just playing definitely suffices.

Question: What is your major, and what is your favorite class this semester?
: I am a foreign affairs major, and my favorite class right now would have to be my philosophy class. It is a different way of thinking. I have never taken a philosophy class before but this is about human nature, and it is really interesting. I like thinking in abstract ways, and it is just different.

Question: What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?
: Spiderman. It wouldn’t still be my favorite today, but the outfit that I had for it was awesome. My webbing was actually just yarn that I would roll out. It was great, I loved it.

Question: What are you going to be this year?
: A chef. Me, Shawn [Barry] and Howard [Turk] are going to be chefs.

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