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On the game:
“I thought we played very hard. Offensively we did some things that were good but they were negated by our turnovers. It’s the same story over and over again. Until that gets fixed it’s going to be hard to win football games. The [wet] ball was tough tonight, but Virginia did a better job of managing it.”

On running game progress:
“We kind of narrowed our game plan down and tried to be good at something. If we didn’t have those fumbles, I think our offense would have done more. It’ll kill you field position wise; the number of plays you get to run and destroy the momentum that you have. We were lucky our defense played so well, otherwise we would have been in trouble a lot earlier.”

On Bruce Campbell:
“I was surprised Bruce Campbell went the whole game. He must have done something in warm-ups because when I saw him Friday, I didn’t think he would play. I think he played okay. ”

On Chris Turner:
“There were tough conditions tonight. Chris’ passing percentage wasn’t very good and a lot of balls were dropped too. You have to make those catches or you don’t win the game. “

On what he told the guys after the game:
“I told our guys we missed an unbelievable opportunity as far as the division race is concerned, but everybody has two losses right now. I told them until we stop turning the ball over we can work 24 hours a day and they can work as hard as they want to work, we are just giving games away. I don’t think the teams we are playing are better than us but we just keep shooting ourselves in the foot. Until that gets corrected, it’s not going to happen.”

On frustrations:
“I’m frustrated, I know the fans are and I know our players are but the only solution I know is to keep working. We have to stay together as a team and not point fingers. I think everyone has to be accountable and see what we can do individually to improve. I thought we were on the right path and the elements had something to do with it, but that’s a fact of life.”

On concerns about team losing faith:
“I have been on other teams where the season has gone a lot better and we had to push them to get the effort up. This team hasn’t been that way. It’s still fun to be out on the field with them and I don’t question their effort one bit. I’m going to keep working and I hope they will keep working.”

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